How To Make Your Lover Want More Sex

How To Make Your Lover Want More Sex

Cracking the secret of how to make women want more sex is has been on the mind of men for centuries, if not millennia. And while countless guys may never have been able to figure out the secrets, surprisingly there’s actually a simple trick you can use to have your lover wanting a lot more sex, fast.

But before I reveal this trick to you, allow me to give you a quick rundown on how your partner’s body reacts in various situations and how you can take advantage of this to make her want more sex.

A woman’s body is filled with natural chemicals called hormones. They are mostly released by the pituitary gland and send messages to the brain and other vital parts of the human body to regulate metabolism, cell development and growth as well as hunger and thirst.

Hormones are also the chemicals responsible for sexual function. However, the catch is you need to know how to trigger the release of the right hormones.

Unless your lover has a sufficient amount of these natural chemicals that inform her brain to get into full on sexual mode, chances are she won’t be getting ready for lovemaking no matter how hard you try.

The problem with hormones is they can be increasingly difficult to trigger over time. Incredibly, one of the things that prevents hormones from being triggered is repetition – in other words, using the same approach over and over again.

Now you may have a lot of superb foreplay and sexual moves up your sleeve, but they simply won’t cut it if the part of her that triggers hormone release feels like you’ve been doing the same things over and over.

Fortunately, I learned one simple trick to trigger a woman’s hormones so she will get sexually aroused easily. And in case you’re wondering, it’s not as complicated as you may have thought.

This trick that I’m talking about is to make your lover feel scared.

Now this may sound a bit crazy right now, but follow along because this will quickly make sense…

During my extensive research on the subject of female sexuality and psychology over the last few years, I found out that the part of the brain that triggers hormones for fright in women is the same part that triggers sexual arousal.

And I’ve discovered that the difference between the two reactions is uncannily similar as well.

Both make women breathe shallower and faster, increase their blood pressure levels, boost their heart rates and make them more sensitive to their surroundings. Just to make things even more interesting, the same hormonal patterns also pump up the dopamine production in the brain, enhancing their pleasure levels.

What’s also interesting is that there are a lot of ways you can use this method to make your partner want more sex. Now while watching a scary movie together is one obvious option to go for, going on a hike, hopping on a zip line ride, bungee jumping or just doing something that will have screaming her lungs out are also great choices.

Obviously you’ve got to be smart about this, because there are negative and positive forms of fear and what I’m talking about are the positive kinds like when you leave your comfort zone to take on a new challenge.

So make it a point to plan a more daring adventure with your lover as soon as you can. You could be surprised by just how much she’ll want to get things hot in the bedroom afterwards…

(And here’s how positive thinking can make you last longer in bed.)

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