The Top Sign That She Is A Manipulative Girlfriend

The Top Sign That She Is A Manipulative Girlfriend

January 9, 2014  |  Relationship Advice

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably had a bad relationship with a manipulative woman. And to make matters even worse, you probably thought that she was going to be a keeper when you first started going out together.

Now while women don’t wear flashing neon signs on their bodies alerting guys that they are manipulative, there is one very significant factor that you should keep in mind that will easily help you determine if she has the potential to turn into one.

And this factor is making you regularly do things that make her happy, but leave you hanging high and dry in the process.

Let me explain what I mean…

Although it’s a good idea for a man to constantly find ways to delight their girlfriends to keep the passion in their relationship burning, there’s a fine line between being sweet and being the victim of manipulation.

Women who are manipulative in a relationship tend to persistently look for ways to make it appear that they are the ones who are victimized when they don’t have their way. They need to always get what they want or else they resort to devious tactics that quickly make their guy feel guilty and uncomfortable.

Here’s my personal experience to give you a better picture…

I once had a girlfriend a couple of years back who seemed really sweet and thoughtful. However, I noticed over time that she started becoming rather touchy and very sensitive when I wanted to do things that I loved like going out with my friends, playing video games and a number of other activities that I was very fond of.

Sure she may say yes when I ask her if it is alright if I had a beer or two with my friends, but she always had these sudden reasons like she is sick and needed me to keep an eye on her when the time came. And if I told her that she already consented earlier, she would always cry and play the victim card.

The same thing happens when I didn’t accompany her to watch a movie she likes, buy her a dress she’s got her eyes on or show up with the wrong wine at her house. She always made me feel like the worst boyfriend if I didn’t give in.

Our “relationship” didn’t last very long. It lasted for only about 3 weeks of my life.

Now while I am not saying that a woman who asks for gifts or favors from time to time is automatically a manipulative girlfriend, keep in mind that a healthy relationship is a two-way street. It could be time to consider leaving her if she’s constantly making you do things that only make her happy and leave you miserable.

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