Why Having A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Make You Go Soft During Sex

Why Having A Sedentary Lifestyle Can Make You Go Soft During Sex

One very interesting thing that I’ve learned over years of studying the secrets of becoming an unforgettable lover is that being a couch potato significantly affects your ability to get or keep rock hard erections.

Having a sedentary lifestyle can eventually make you lose the intensity of your erections. What makes it rather scary is it starts out barely noticeable but then one day, you’ll suddenly be unable to get it up during sex.

Let me explain how this happens…

See, the body is designed to be fairly active. It’s made for movement and doing physical activities. Now while we don’t have to chase wild animals for food or protect ourselves from sabre-toothed tigers and other predators anymore, we still need to move quite a lot or else risk disrupting how our circulatory system works.

The purpose of our circulatory system is pretty straightforward. Besides transporting blood to vital organs in the body, particularly the heart, lungs and liver, it also helps keep muscles and tissues in tiptop shape by providing them with essential nutrients.

And just to make things even more interesting, the circulatory system also plays a significant role in maintaining your ability to get rock hard.

The penis is basically a mass of spongy, erectile tissue. It firms up when the right amount of blood is channelled into it. Unless the penis is able to get the sufficient blood it needs to make its tissues rigid, chances are it won’t reach a full erection to make sexual penetration possible.

When you have a sedentary lifestyle, the circulatory system basically gets weaker and weaker over time. Although it can still deliver blood and nutrients all over the body, it doesn’t do it with the same speed and efficiency as it used to.

Getting an erection and maintaining it to please your lover in bed can therefore become very difficult. Apart from taking a while to achieve a full erection, you also won’t be sure if you’ll have a stable erection that will last until your partner gets the sexual satisfaction she wants.

Moreover, you are also exposed to a number of potentially serious health problems sooner or later if you have a sedentary lifestyle. From cardiovascular disease and stroke to clogged veins and arteries as well as lymph node issues, you’re definitely in for more problems if you’re a couch potato.

Make it a habit to sweat it out at least 15 to 30 minutes a day. Choose an exercise routine that fits you best. Whether it’s jogging, biking or some other fitness routine you like, go for it.

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