Are You Really Turning Her On?

Are You Really Turning Her On?

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably wondered how you can really tell if your lover is ready to get between the sheets with you.

Now while they may not have buttons on their bodies that flash every time they’re feeling frisky, there is actually one very obvious sign that can give you an idea if a woman is sexually aroused.

But before I reveal this one to you, let me give a quick rundown first of how blood circulation plays a very important role when it comes to female sexual arousal.

Although women don’t get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat like men do, they still share a similar attribute with guys when it comes to sex. The same blood flow that helps us achieve stable erections to make sexual penetration possible is also what makes them wet down there.

See, instead of firming up the spongy erectile tissues in the penis, the circulation of blood in a woman’s body is channelled in and around the pelvis where it is distributed to the genitals, particularly the vagina, clitoris and other notable areas.

Besides helping the vagina achieve a more elastic state, the rush of blood also induces glands in the female reproductive system to release natural lubrication, which essentially makes the subsequent sexual penetration by the penis not just smooth, but also very pleasurable.

And I’m sure you know what happens next, too. Her blood pressure rises. Her breathing becomes faster. Her body feels warmer to the touch. However, there’s also one attribute that a lot of men tend to miss…

What’s really interesting is there’s so much blood flow involved when a woman gets sexually aroused that it can actually give specific areas of her skin and body a noticeable tinge of dark pink or red. The medical field calls this phenomenon “sex flush” since it’s closely similar to the flushes women experience when they get embarrassed or surprised albeit in a more sexual setting.

So about the sign I promised you about…

The next time you’re still not quite sure if your lover is sexually aroused or not, make it a point to look at her chest and neck. You can also take a peek at her inner thighs and around the armpits as well.

Here’s why…

As I have pointed out earlier, the blood moving around a woman’s body tends to leave traces of red or dark pink when she gets ready for sex. This is due to a change in her hormonal patterns.

The same alterations in her hormonal patterns also increase the blood circulation in particular areas of her body, namely the neck, chest, armpits and inner thighs. These make them take on a redder color, which is similar to a blush, but much more intense.

From now on, keep a close eye out for these strong sexual indicators so you’ll always know when she’s ready for sex. (Now here’s a simple trick to boost your erections naturally.)

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