The Top Reason Why You're Always Coming Too Soon During Sex

The Top Reason Why You’re Always Coming Too Soon During Sex

I’ve had a very interesting conversation with an old buddy of mine  the other day.

This friend of mine now works as a professional skydiving instructor and is constantly on jumping runs most of the week. I asked him how he manages to have nerves of steel when he’s up 15,000 feet in the air and I was rather surprised by his reply.

“Believe it or not, Kevin, it’s all in the mind.”

Now while his answer may not sound that revolutionary, I think it sums up how powerful the mind is when it comes to a variety of situations. And knowing how to use it to your advantage can easily help you to last longer in bed as well.

Follow along and I’ll show you what I mean…

Besides giving you the ability to play it cool in extremely stressful circumstances like skydiving, the mind can also easily influence how your body reacts in a variety of other situations, including how long you’ll last when you get in bed with your lover.

You see a few years ago I had a very serious problem with premature ejaculation.

Having sex with women was simply an embarrassment. The longest I could last was about a couple of minutes. It was extremely disappointing for me, not mentioning the women I was getting intimate with.

No wonder none of my partners were that eager to jump in bed with me the second time around.

And just to make things worse, my premature ejaculation really affected my mental state. I began getting very anxious. I felt extremely stressed and so I knew I had to find a solution or else my sex life was going to be a disaster for the rest of my life.

So out of desperation, I began researching on how the male sexuality really works to somehow help me with my problem. Local libraries became my usual haunts and I also looked around book shops for material to help my problem.

Then I found a book that helped me last 15 minutes or longer during sex. Interestingly it wasn’t a sex book.

It was actually a psychology book that explained how the human mind can be trained to control how your body performs in specific situations.

I learned that how you mentally perceive a certain situation will influence your body to react in a certain way.

Allow me to use an example that you may be very familiar with…

Say you went to your doctor’s clinic for a routine flu shot. While there’s nothing “technically” to be scared of with the procedure, when you think that it’s going to hurt, your body undergoes a number of significant changes.

Your muscles will tense up. Your heartbeat goes faster. Your blood pressure rises. You become hypersensitive. And what’s really incredible is that you will actually feel that the shot is painful while at it. Your mind literally alters how your body normally reacts because of how you perceived the situation.

Now do you see what I’m driving at?

The next time you and your lover get between the sheets, don’t anticipate and visualize yourself ejaculating sooner than you’d like to. Instead, picture yourself lasting longer than usual. Visualize yourself not coming in two minutes, but rather in 15, 20 or even 45!

What’s really amazing about this is you won’t have to do much work at all. Your brain will take care of all the important stuff, leaving you to deal with the more pleasurable parts. Try this next time things get hot in the bedroom with you and your lover. You’re sure to notice some very awesome changes.

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