How Your Breath Can Significantly Affect Your Ability To Get Your Lover In Bed

How Your Breath Can Significantly Affect Your Ability To Get Your Lover In Bed

If you’re noticing that your lover isn’t that too eager to get between the sheets with you, there is one very simple test you can do to find out why…

You just have to check how your breath smells.

Now while this may sound obvious, the sense of smell plays a very significant role when it comes to sexual arousal in women. Certain scents can get them going in the bedroom, while others immediately turn them off.

Pretty straightforward stuff, right? However, here’s where it gets really interesting…

Although there are a number of other unpleasant smells a guy’s body can give off like reeking armpits and funky feet, there’s something about bad breath that really saps women’s sex drive.

And there’s actually scientific proof that backs this up.

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, women are inherently wired to check a man’s breath not just to see if they’re ready for a kiss, but also to find out a lot of useful information about him.

Amazingly, as a result of thousands and thousands of years of constant evolution, women can subconsciously pick out pieces of personal data about a man just by smelling his breath. Now while having bad breath is already a deal breaker when getting a woman in bed is concerned, there is more to it than you ever imagined.

Besides providing women with a preview of a certain man’s hygienic habits and overall health, a guy’s breath can also give them a clue about his genetic makeup, which not only says a lot about a man’s attitude and social skills, but also his sexual compatibility.

You see, guys are still biologically able to give off pheromones to attract mates. Unlike other animals that emit these pheromones using glands located in a patch of skin surrounding their anus, men send them out mainly through the mouth and sweat pores.

These pheromones can heavily influence either a woman’s desire or repulsion to have sex with a man. And based on the findings of this particular study, if a guy’s breath is horrible, it automatically sends danger signals to a woman’s brain that he’s not worth being sexually intimate with.

This simply means if you have bad breath you’ll never get her into bed no matter how hard you try. Even if you’re in a relationship with the woman you’re looking to have sex with.

So if you’re looking to get lucky with your partner each and every time you get into a sexual mood, make it a point to include freshening your breath in your grooming checklist. It’ll really do wonders when things get hot in the bedroom.

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