So She's Not Moaning Anymore When You Make Love

So She’s Not Moaning Anymore When You Make Love

So here’s the scenario… You and your lover are having sex. You’ve made sure to prep yourself up properly and even fixed up the bedroom to set the right mood. You’re doing everything in the book to make her feel the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted.

However, there’s just one problem. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself.

Now before you start worrying, there is one very important factor you have to keep in mind that can make or break great sex. But before I reveal this to you, let me first give you a quick rundown on how your mindset can easily improve or ruin lovemaking almost immediately…

At its simplest, your mindset is basically the switch that either turns on your ability to please your lover in bed or make your sex session a disappointment for the both of you.

Sure you may already have all the tricks that are guaranteed to give her an unforgettable time in bed, but you’ll simply end up failing to give her the sexual satisfaction she needs if you don’t use your mind to its maximum potential.

In short, chances are you’re only going to end up not pleasuring her like you want to if you have self-doubt.

Let me explain what I mean…

During my extensive research on the subject of male sexuality and psychology, I’ve discovered that the mind can do a lot of amazing things if you just give it the opportunity to really get into action.

Now while this may not sound that remarkable, you’ll be surprised with the things your mind can help you perform. There have been cases recorded in the medical field where people managed to do incredible feats with just the power of the mind.

These include lifting very heavy objects, withstanding extreme temperatures, not feeling any pain at all in exceptionally traumatic situations, as well as doing other things that are pretty much beyond the bounds of normal human strength and endurance.

Interestingly, I’ve also learned that you can also significantly decrease your efficiency at something with a negative mindset as well. This is because your brain sends signals to the other parts of your body limiting their full abilities when you do it.

And this can be also applied to sex.

If you think that you’re not going to please your lover the next time things get hot in the bedroom before you even start getting it on, your brain automatically programs your body to hamper your ability in bed.

Besides considerably affecting your sexual skills, you can also find yourself coming too quickly during lovemaking if you doubt your abilities to really get your partner going between the sheets.

The next time you and your lover find yourselves getting frisky, just believe in yourself. You’ll be very surprised at how it will make your sex really pleasurable not just for her, but also for you, too.

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