Making Sex Interesting Again After Years Of Marriage

Making Sex Interesting Again After Years Of Marriage

A lot of men believe that a fulfilling sex life ultimately grinds to a halt after tying the knot. They think that amazing sex only happens before marriage and anything that happens in bed after that is not going to be even remotely half as good.

The majority of married men have the mindset that since they can be with only one woman after saying their vows at the altar, they simply have to resign themselves to dull, boring sex for the rest of their lives.

However, this idea is perhaps one the most ridiculous things a married man can ever get in his head.

As it turns out, there’s actually one simple strategy you can use to keep your sex life hot and spicy even after years of marriage.

And it’s not as complicated as you may think.

But before I reveal it to you, let me give you a quick rundown of the usual reasons why a lot of guys have this crazy idea that marriage is the when hot sex comes to a close…

Men consider marriage as a huge commitment and some kind of finality in their lives. It’s the end of them being single. It’s the end of driving a sports car and it means them trading it in for a minivan. It’s the end of having crazy weekend drinking sprees with the guys.

It’s basically saying goodbye to a life of fun and excitement and stepping into a phase where everything becomes mellow and not as exhilarating as before.

While to some degree you aren’t as free as when you’re single and you can’t be as wreckless as you might like to be when you’re not married, a huge mistake is developing a mindset that marriage means less passion.

Guys often mistakenly believe that since they’re already married, their spouses will also end being the exciting girlfriend they used to have and become a wife that’s not as fun to be with between the sheets.

And this is basically where the problem starts…

Making deadly assumptions like this.

So if you’re feeling that your sex life with your wife is slowly becoming dreary and monotonous, here’s a simple trick you can do to turn it around in no time…

You have to stop thinking of her as your wife.

Sure this may sound a bit crazy, but you can easily improve your lovemaking almost immediately if you start seeing her again as the woman you used to have wild sex with in the bedroom…or wherever you happen to be when you two get frisky.

Make it a point to get rid of the mindset that being married significantly limits what you can and can’t do in bed. It’s not a finality. Getting married is just another chapter in your relationship as a couple.

It doesn’t change anything between the two of you, especially what happens in the bedroom.

(Now how about using this massaging tip that will make her hot for sex.)

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