One Simple Trick To Make You More Attractive To Women

One Simple Trick To Make You More Attractive To Women

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably felt the feeling of frustration when a woman fails to look at you more than once.

Now, luckily even if you don’t look like a movie star or don’t have the physique of a professional athlete, there is still one simple trick you can do to really turn heads the next time you mingle with women. And just to make things clear, this doesn’t involve any drastic measures like plastic surgery.

This simple trick is fixing your posture. Now while this may sound a bit overly simple, it’ll all make sense when you follow along…

I’m sure your mother told you to never slouch and always sit up straight when you were growing up. Now, while pleasing your mother is one good reason to hold good posture, here’s another…

Good posture gives women the message that you’re a highly valuable guy and therefore can’t help but feel some level of attraction to you. Let me explain what I mean…

According to a study conducted by the University of Washington, women found men who had their backs straight and shoulders square to be more attractive.

The mechanics of the study wasn’t that really complicated at all. Participants were shown various images of male models in different poses, ranging from a guy who is sitting up straight to a man who’s bent a bit, to a man that’s prominently stooped.

From the data the researchers gathered from over 3,000 participants, women preferred men who had good posture because they thought it reflected good health and a disposition that’s not boring yet not too overbearing either.

The researchers also discovered that women thought of men with bad postures as unsure of themselves and also disagreeable. They also believed that guys who slouched or did not keep their backs straight lacked self-confidence.

And what’s even more interesting is that the women were basically shown the same male models all throughout the study. They were seeing the same men but did have different perspectives on them based on their posture.

The researchers did not even make an effort to make them look different in the other pictures. The models still wore the same clothes and looked virtually the same.

Therefore, what this means is that simply improving your posture can do wonders for you.

Turns out mothers do know best.

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