A Massaging Tip That Will Make Her Hot For Sex

A Massaging Tip That Will Make Her Hot For Sex

Massages have a seemingly magical effect on women.

Besides getting rid of the knots in their sore muscles, they are also very effective at relieving stress and anxiety.

But what’s really even more amazing about giving a woman a relaxing massage is you can also use it to get your lover hot for sex by using one simple trick…

Before I reveal this trick though, let me first explain why you should take time to give your lover a soothing massage if you’re looking to get her ready for sex.

A lot of men mistakenly believe that working their fingertips all over their lovers’ bodies is simply about relaxation.

Although massages are scientifically proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you can easily take it up a notch to a more sexual intensity because of one thing…

Now while this may sound surprising, the skin has a lot of nerve endings that you can soothe to help a woman to relax. Interestingly, making a woman feel as relaxed as possible is a must if you’re looking to prepare her for sex.

And doing so isn’t difficult either.

Loaded with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in every square inch, knowing how to work your way around your lover’s skin can easily transform a massage from a simple stress relief activity to a lovemaking session in no time.

Especially if you play sexy music in the background…

And this is the trick I promised you…

Yes, simply playing music that has an erotic sound to it while you massage her activates the brain receptors that make her more sensitive to each stroke and caress all over her body.

Now while you may think that this sounds a bit cliché, there’s an actual explanation for it…

According to a study conducted by the Cornell Perceptual Research Institute, music can easily affect women’s moods and can even be used to alter their feelings in a given situation.

After gathering data from over 1,200 participants all over Queensland, the researchers discovered that women reacted to music quite differently compared to men. Instead of simply listening to it as a form of entertainment, women processed music as something they could relate with.

This means that their moods can be either improved or worsened, depending on the music playing on the speakers.

Upbeat music can make them feel perky and active, ballads can make them pensive and thoughtful, and sexy tunes like smooth jazz and provocative instrumentals can easily help raise their arousal levels.

Keep in mind the next time you give her a sensual massage, make sure you have a sexy playlist ready to really get her going when you start working your magic with your fingertips.

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