A Tell-Tale Sign She Wants Sex

A Tell-Tale Sign She Wants Sex

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably thought how it would be much easier to get your lover to have sex if you just exactly knew when she wanted it.

Unfortunately, women don’t have neon signs on their bodies that light up every time they’re in the mood for lovemaking. Having said that, scientists at the Mondial Institute of Evolutionary Neurology in Barcelona, Spain may have come something very close.

Now while this may sound surprising, simply seeing your lover get into more revealing outfits than usual is a key sign that she’s looking to have sex more often. If your partner suddenly prefers backless numbers instead of the casual blouse, she might be sending an unconscious message that she is more open to sex than ever before.

Don’t confuse this with a sign that a woman is cheating. The main difference between the two is that your lover deliberately shows you more skin with her outfit choices when she wants to have sex.

A cheating woman wears the same sexy apparel virtually for anyone else, but not for you.

Based on a study conducted by the Institute earlier this year, researchers discovered that women had the tendency to show off more skin when they were ovulating. And what made things even more interesting is that it’s because of evolution and DNA.

Data gathered by scientists has proven that modern day women are still naturally wired to want to continue their lineage by procreation, especially during the time of their ovulation.

And they’ve also found out that modern women also share one very interesting attribute with their earlier counterparts…

Apart from deliberately showing off to their partners their rather sexy assets, they also send off pheromones that are designed to attract men to get it on with them in the bedroom just for extra measure.

At its simplest, these pheromones basically trigger sexual arousal in men. They’re usually secreted through women’s sweat glands, especially in the ones that line the armpit and the back of the neck.

And these pheromones have a better chance of being given off by women if they’re not hampered by clothing.

Now while they may be odourless and virtually invisible, pheromones send signals to the brain that a woman is basically ovulating, which also means that she’s more eager to get into bed with you.

The next time your lover seems to dress up more provocatively when you’re together, make sure you play your cards right. It simply means she is more open to get between the sheets with you.


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