Why Your Lover Isn't That Responsive During Foreplay

Why Your Lover Isn’t That Responsive During Foreplay

I shared a few beers with a college buddy of mine, Chris, last weekend and he asked me a question that I’m sure a lot of guys also wonder about.

He asked me why his lover isn’t that responsive during foreplay. He told me that no matter what he does to warm her up between the sheets, she just seems not to be in the mood to get into action herself.

He told me that although he exerts a considerable amount of effort to stimulate her erogenous zones, his partner just seems rather distant from it all. From kissing her entire body to caressing her private parts, she doesn’t appear to be as excited as he is.

Then I asked Chris if he gauged his lover’s reaction while doing these things. He asked me if that was really necessary and I told him it certainly is if he’s planning to get his partner going in the bedroom.

Which leads me to my point today…

Now while this may sound surprising, women have different reactions when their erogenous zones are stimulated. Let me explain what I mean…

You see all women can feel pleasure when their erogenous zones are stimulated. However, each woman is different when it comes to getting the most pleasure they can when these zones are caressed, kissed or licked in a sensual way.

Just because they like their breasts, clitoris and other erogenous zones to be stimulate, you’d have to assume that all women like the same techniques…

You have to know what your lover really likes to really satisfy her. Keep in mind to ask her what she wants when you’re doing foreplay. Make sure you know which erogenous zones you have to focus on and how they should be stimulated.

Don’t hesitate to get her talking in the middle of foreplay if you notice that she’s not as enthusiastic as you are while at it. If you’re anything like most guys, you probably don’t like to ask for directions when on the road. But when it comes to foreplay, make it a point to never stop asking until you hit the sweet spot.

It really doesn’t matter how good you are at kissing or perhaps how skillful you may be at oral sex. If you don’t know how she wants it to be done, chances are she’ll just stay unresponsive for a long time even if you’re on your foreplay A-game.

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