A Foreplay Trick That Will Easily Warm Up Your Lover

A Foreplay Trick That Will Easily Warm Up Your Lover

A lot of men think that foreplay is all about stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones with the intention to trigger her to want sex right then and there.

Now while working your magic on your lover’s breasts, inner thighs, clitoris and other erogenous hot spots is one way to build up her sexual arousal levels, there is one much more powerful trick you can use to really warm her up in bed.

It’s so effective that there’s a good chance she will be the one initiating sex as long as you perform the process correctly. But before I reveal how to do it, let me give you a quick rundown on how a woman’s mind works…

Now while this may sound surprising, there is a thin line in the female psyche that divides the things a woman finds pleasurable and those that drive her to the point of obsession. Let’s take a relaxing massage for example.

When you give your lover a soothing massage the first time, she will not just feel the knots in her muscles disappearing. It also activates receptors in her brain that release endorphins, which make her feel pleasure and excitement every time you work your fingertips on her body.

However, when you repeat the same massaging techniques over and over, her brain will lessen the endorphins it releases because it will become used to the sensations. Now while she may still get pleasure from massages, it won’t be as relaxing and exciting as before.

This means that if you use the exact same foreplay techniques again and again, your lover will become used to them and won’t be as sexually aroused as she used to.

And this is where deliberately changing up your foreplay strategy every time you’re looking to get your partner between the sheets gets into picture. Let me explain what I mean…

Focusing on the same erogenous zones and using the same stimulation techniques over and over will eventually decrease the pleasure levels she will get from the experience…

And if you keep going it’ll become so routine for her that she will only feel dull and bored even if you’re working as hard as you can to get her aroused.

The next time you give her foreplay, start with an erogenous zone you think you haven’t concentrated on much recently. Deliberately stimulate sexual hot spots that you don’t normally focus on.

As a result, your lover’s brain will feel as if you’re doing foreplay for the first time. Then, more endorphins will be released, and along with it her desire for sex will go up dramatically.

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