Why She Isn't Enjoying Sex Anymore

Why She Isn’t Enjoying Sex Anymore

A lot of guys think that it’s their lovers who are to blame if they’re not getting as much action between the sheets anymore. They believe that their partners have simply lost interest in sex and they’re suffering for it.

However, most of the time, it’s exactly the opposite…

It’s the men who are at fault if their lovers don’t want to get things hot in the bedroom as often as before. If you feel like your sex life is not as active as you’d like it to be, make sure you follow along to learn how you can easily fix this problem…

I’ve always been asked what it really takes to keep a woman’s sexual interest up. Now while I consider hygiene, sexual technique, communication and patience significant elements that can make or break a woman’s interest in jumping into bed with you, there’s one factor that a lot of guys seem to forget.

And this factor is being extremely passionate during sex.

While it may not sound that radical as you may have expected, it’ll all add up when you follow along.

At its simplest, passion is a powerful emotion that makes you do more than what is expected of you in a certain situation. It’s more than just feeling excited or stimulated to take on a specific activity.

Passion goes beyond wanting to do something. When you become passionate at something you put your time and effort in, you tend to lose yourself in it and you end up achieving great things. Action without passion only results to mediocrity.

And this greatly applies to sex. Let me explain what I mean…

You see, women have an uncanny ability to know if you’re just doing certain things during sex for the sake of getting things over with instead of doing it to give her the sexual satisfaction she wants.

This could be going down on her, lingering on a sexual position you know she loves or perhaps stimulating the erogenous zones you know that get her off each and every time. Sure you may somewhat like doing these things and even like making your lover orgasm in the process, but sometimes over time the intensity of sexual performance between the sheets can wane.

And if it does, eventually it becomes so obvious that sex has simply becomes something mechanical and lovemaking becomes routine. When this happens your lover feels that she’s having sex with a robot. Now while she may still get sexually aroused and get pleasure when you two do it, the whole thing’s not as fulfilling as before.

If you want a have an exciting and passionate sex life then you need to avoid this situation at all costs.  So the next time things get spicy between the sheets, don’t just run through your usual routine and “tick all the boxes.” Instead, put some passion into it from start to finish and you’re sure to make her enjoy sex more and look forward for more action in the bedroom in no time.

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