A Simple Trick That Will Turn Your Lover On

A Simple Trick That Will Turn Your Lover On

A lot of guys ask me what’s the simplest thing they can do to turn a woman on and boost their chances of actually getting her in bed.

Now while I have a lot of opinions and theories about this, perhaps the most straightforward piece of advice that I can give is smelling good.

Let me explain what I mean…

I’m sure you’re thinking that this may not sound as revolutionary as you thought it would be, but it will all add up as you follow along.

As a guy used to not perform well in the dating scene, I knew I had to do something or else the dry spell I was going through might never have ended.

To make a long story short, I was forced to study exactly what attracted women to men and how to stimulate a sexual response among them without sacrificing who I was as a person or having to be someone else.

So I began researching as much I could. I poured over countless books and magazines. I browsed tons of websites and even asked women for whatever advice they would give me on the subject. Then this happened…

While walking around the city one day, I came across a book sale and found this journal that explained how the sense of smell played a very significant role not just when it comes to attracting women, but also how you can use it to get her going in the bedroom.

You see after decades and decades of research, scientists have discovered that the sense of smell is a decisive factor in sex and mating.

Besides influencing a woman’s mood and perception on someone or something, certain scents and odors can also increase her hormone levels, especially the ones that make her sexually aroused.

Moreover, I discovered that the sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotions.

Surprisingly, this attribute is much more intense in women since they automatically associate certain smells with excitement, hunger, love, exhaustion, fright and a number of other emotions.

And this even includes sexual attraction.

Scientists even theorize that this is the primary reason why ancient cultures began making and using scents extracted from plants and animal oils. It’s an industry that’s still thriving up until now. No wonder why top cologne and perfume manufacturers never go out of business.

Here’s where it gets more interesting…

I also learned that there are specific smells that women seem to always associate with eroticism. These are citrus, lavender, musk and woody scents. This also includes all types of clean-smelling men’s soaps and aftershaves because they not only give off an impression of cleanliness but of masculinity as well.

As simple as sounds, changing my scent around women made a dramatic difference… Not only did I smell better to them, but the increased confidence it gave me significantly boosted my success with women.

So the next time you’re planning to turn a woman on, don’t just pay close attention to the way you look. Make sure you smell great, too, and you’re definitely going to have her warmed up quicker than you’d expect. (Here’s the number one sign she’s into you.)

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