Why It's Insane To Have Sex On The Beach

Why It’s Insane To Have Sex On The Beach

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably fantasized about getting it on with your lover on the beach. The idea of having sex while enjoying the wind and surf is extremely kinky and risky at the same time, making the experience all the more appealing.

From adult movies to erotic literature, sex on the beach is often considered as an experience that deserves a top spot on your sexual bucket list to earn your stripes as a true lovemaking virtuoso.

However, there’s just this one problem that I have with sex on the beach I know you’ll find interesting as well, which can make the idea not quite as exciting and novel as you may have thought before.

Now while I am all for getting sexually adventurous, making love on the beach is simply something I recommend you avoid. I know this may sound a bit odd coming from me but you’re definitely going to agree as you follow along.

Let me express this the simplest way I can…

Having sex on the beach is simply bad for you and your lover’s sexual health because you’re exposing important and delicate parts of yourselves to elements that won’t just potentially injure your private parts, but also harbor extremely high levels of bacteria.

Although they may be virtually imperceptible to the naked eye (no pun intended), the sand and sea water are not just natural lovemaking deterrents but are also teeming with nasty things that you wouldn’t want the sexier parts of your anatomy to touch ever.

Let’s start things off with the sand. Aside from being very small, sand grains are also quite jagged, which can easily cause a lot of chafing when they get in contact with your skin for a considerable amount of time.

As we all know, sex primarily involves a lot of movement and friction. And if you’re going to have sex on the beach, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to do it on the sand. Put the two and two together and you can expect to get more than just a few burns and tender spots afterward.

Just to make things worse, accidentally having even a few grains of sand inside your private parts can also lead to a number of adverse effects, ranging from painful irritation to a congested urethra that can eventually cause a urinary tract infection.

As for sea water, it is pretty much a breeding ground for a number of bacteria strains and tiny creatures that are not harmful when you’re just swimming in it. However, it’s a different story when you and your lover are getting it on in it.

While the idea of getting frisky with your partner while swimming is sexy enough, don’t forget that it’s where small fishes and crabs make their home. And they could crawl into places that I’m betting you don’t want them.

Now while this next bit may sound like straight out of the plot of a horror movie, there are even types of fish and eel that deliberately creep up corners that they aren’t supposed to be in thinking that they are potential new homes for them.

There are already a lot of medical cases involving a wayward eel, fish or the odd crab ending up inside somewhere they shouldn’t be. Just imagine the pain and embarrassment you’ll have to go through if such a thing did happen to you or your lover.

As I have pointed out earlier, I am all for getting sexually adventurous, but the disadvantages of having sex on the beach outnumber the good things you get out of it. (Here’s why you should start making jogging a regular in your schedule though.)

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