The Number One Sign She's Into You

The Number One Sign She’s Into You

November 25, 2013  |  Dating Advice, Success Principles

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably struggle to figure out for sure if a woman is in to you.

A lot of men find women very difficult to read, therefore most guys are afraid to make a move on a woman they’ve had their eyes on for a while because they’re afraid they’ll make a fool of themselves if she turns out to be uninterested in them.

Now fortunately, figuring out how a woman feels about you isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, women send out a very obvious signal when they like a guy… And it’s not that tough to notice either, if you know what to look for.

According to a study conducted by the Meltzer-Newman Institute of Psychology in Frankfurt, women tend to become very lenient with their personal space with guys they like. Besides leaning in closer when talking, a woman who is interested in a guy will also casually touch him more than once when they are interacting.

Based on the data they’ve gathered from more than 600 respondents interviewed in the most populated bars and cafes across the state of Hesse, Germany, more than 90% of the participants in the study revealed that they deliberately let their guard down when they’re around a man they like. In other words, they become more outgoing and friendlier than usual.

What’s really interesting about this study is the researchers discovered that the more a woman likes a guy, the more sociable she becomes, to the point where it becomes very obvious.

Apart from the touching and leaning in closer during a conversation, other signs include laughing when nothing’s even remotely funny as well as freely sharing anything from a bottle of beer to a bite of their sandwich.

The long and short of it is that when a woman likes you, she doesn’t express it in words but is practically going overboard with the not so subtle actions that basically scream the same thing.

Now if you think that’s surprising, I’ve saved the best for last…

The researchers at the Meltzer-Newman Institute of Psychology also discovered that the more a woman is into you, the easier they find it to shed off articles of clothing when they’re with you, like coats and jackets.

So if you start to notice multiple or even all of these signs, then chances are she’s waiting and probably secretly hoping for you to make the next move (like this foreplay tip that will definitely knock her socks off).

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