Why Patience Is A Virtue During Sex

Why Patience Is A Virtue During Sex

Some guys feel like they’ve tried everything and they still can’t get their lover to orgasm and enjoy sex…

These guys never get the kind of satisfied reaction from their partners… even after trying every sexual trick they can think of.

And if in a long-term relationship, these guys mistakenly assume that their lovers just got tired of having sex with them altogether.

However, what’s almost always the cause of this problem is actually a lack of understanding of how women work.

Let me explain what I mean…

Women aren’t wired to get sexually aroused as fast as men do. If you’re anything like most guys, you can probably get ready for sex at the drop of a hat. As for women, they need to be eased into it bit by bit or else they won’t find the experience anywhere near as satisfying.

This is the biggest reason why patience is a virtue during sex.

Just because your lover doesn’t get sexually aroused as fast as you’d like her to, doesn’t mean that she finds sex with you boring. She just needs a bit more time to respond to your sexual advances.

And this also means that you have to spend more time to warm her up between the sheets. Now while this may sound like a lot of work for you, the long term costs of leaving her dissatisfied are significantly larger.

This is where patience plays a very significant role.

Unless you put your mind into it, chances are you won’t get her really going in bed. Besides ending up not completely pleasuring her during sex, she’ll also think that you only care about your own satisfaction.

Some men just go ahead doing what they want between the sheets without thinking about how their partners will react or what they will feel during sex. And these same guys then wonder why their lovers seem not to enjoy sex as much when they finish up.

This is why patience is such a virtue when things get hot between you and your lover.

I am not saying that you should only focus on your lover’s satisfaction every time you have sex, but I am just emphasizing that you should see to her sexual needs carefully first or else she won’t get the satisfaction she wants to experience… and in the long-run you’ll end up dissatisfied because of it as well.

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