How To Know If Your Date Is Ready For A Kiss

How To Know If Your Date Is Ready For A Kiss

I got a very interesting email this morning from a friend, Ralph, who’s been dating a woman he’s really into for a couple of weeks now.

Ralph happily shared that things are going great with his girlfriend and he has really high hopes about where their relationship is going. Besides having a mutual interest for jazz music and Italian food, they’re also both avid video game enthusiasts, which Ralph said was a dream come true for him.

However, what really made Ralph’s email quite intriguing was this question he asked at the bottom of his email…

“Say, Kevin, how do you really know if a woman’s ready for a kiss? I’m afraid I might make a fool of myself if I do it prematurely. She might think it’s too soon and this could instantly damage our connection.”

Well, I’m pretty sure Ralph’s not the only one having this kissing dilemma.

I’ve had this problem myself until I discovered something that can easily give me a clue if a woman is really ready for a kiss… or if I’m just going to scare her away immediately.

I call it the hug technique.

Let me explain…

One thing I’ve learned about women over the years is that no matter how hard they try, they can’t keep themselves from showing their inner feelings through subtle signs…if you know how to catch them.

They can’t help but show these almost imperceptible clues if they’re happy, sad or excited in a certain situation.

So I decided to experiment with this rather quirky female trait to gauge if I could lean  in for a kiss knowing that I wouldn’t face rejection.

Well, here’s how you can pull off the hug technique…

Giving a hug is one of the best nonverbal ways to assess how a woman feels about you.

Whether you’re saying hello to your date when you pick her up at her house or perhaps after walking her home after spending time with her, make sure you give her a quick, modest embrace.

If a woman doesn’t react that much when you give her a hug, it’s still not the time to lean in for a kiss.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. It simply means you still have some work to do to really loosen her up romance-wise.

But if she presses herself against you a bit tighter and longer than usual, and doesn’t even try to move away when you hug her back more intensely, that’s your best clue that she wants more than a simple embrace…

And while we’re on the subject, here’s the worst way to get a woman to NOT like you as well.

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