Does Biking REALLY Make You Impotent?

Does Biking REALLY Make You Impotent?

A lot of guys ask me if biking really does cause erectile dysfunction. Now while I’ve always had my theories and opinions on this, I decided to ask my friend, Jim, who’s been an avid cycling fan ever since we met in high school.

And just as I thought, he said it totally depends on two specific factors, particularly the size and length of your bike seat as well as the time you spend riding your bike.

According to Jim, the first culprit in biking that can potentially weaken your ability to get hard during sex is using the wrong bike seat.

He said that the first mistake most biking beginners make is going for the traditional saddles that have pointy noses and narrow rears. “These saddles just concentrate most of the biker’s weight on the perineum, the area where the scrotum and anus meet,” Jim shared.

Interestingly, I’ve discovered that the perineum is where most of the veins and arteries to the penis come together.

“Putting too much pressure on the perineum pinches these arteries and veins,” Jim said. “This can mean anything from bruised blood vessels to the development of clotting that can eventually block blood flow.”

He added that it all begins with a tingling sensation in the groin area, which ultimately becomes chronic numbness if not fixed. “Experiencing constant numbness in your genitals only means that the blood flow to your penis is already cut short, which can make getting an erection tough,” Jim shared.

He also revealed that ignoring this numbness can lead to losing a lot of penile sensation during sex as well. Jim added that these problems are so prevalent these days that surgical procedures aimed at restoring penile sensation and blood flow have become quite common.

“How long you ride your bike every week is also a factor when it comes to erectile dysfunction,” Jim said. “Although cycling is definitely one of the best total body workouts you can do, too much of it can be a bad thing.”

Jim said that while riding your bike for four hours a week will keep your heart and muscles in tiptop shape, doing it four hours a day will very likely lead to erection problems in the long run.

“I’ve already told you about the pinched nerves and blocked blood flow,” he emphasized. “The adage too much of a good thing is definitely true for you also applies to biking.” Jim added that no matter how careful you may be, cycling for more than 45 minutes a day can bring the same damaging results sooner or later.

When I asked Jim if he recommended biking to guys who’d like to keep their ability to get an erection up to par, here’s just what he had to say…

“Look, I am not saying that biking immediately causes erectile dysfunction,” he explained. “It’s still the best exercise in my book. I’m just telling you that you’re exposing yourself to the risk of having trouble getting rock hard in bed if you choose the wrong saddle and overdoing the whole cycling thing.”

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