The Top Sign That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

The Top Sign That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, I think you’ll find the following very interesting…

There is one very prominent sign that gives a woman away if she is cheating on a guy in a relationship…

Here it is…

It’s paying more attention to her appearance than she normally does.

Now this may sound a bit crazy but it will all make sense when you follow along.

According to a study conducted by the Greater Quebec Neurological Institute, women who are cheating in a romantic relationship tend to go through a phase where they feel very conscious about their looks.

This is because the hormones that get active during courting are stimulated again.

Besides having the urge to improve their looks by putting on better clothes, these women also alter significant elements of their appearance like changing the way they put on makeup as well as using a different brand of perfume.

From the data gathered by the institute’s researchers among over 600 respondents, women who are in the midst of cheating on their boyfriends tend to be more provocative than they normally are when shopping for articles of clothing.

Surprisingly, the most prominent of these are intimate apparel, which are aimed at increasing how sexy they feel.

The researchers found out that the first thing men will probably notice when their girlfriends are cheating are their unexpected preference in sexier lingerie. They suddenly like their underwear silkier, flimsier and more revealing than usual.

Next, comes the transition from the regular clothes they wear. Women who are being unfaithful to their partners tend to put on clothes that are racier than they normally get into. They suddenly have more clothes that have plunging necklines and other features that leave little to the imagination.

Now while I am not saying that you should always get suspicious when your girlfriend wears a sexy number when you go out on a date, I’m just pointing out that unexpected changes in her choice of clothes, outer or inner, can be a sign that she’s cheating on you.

I’m simply emphasizing that there COULD be something fishy going on when your girlfriend drastically deviates from her everyday look…

(Now we’ve got that covered, how about learning the benefits of jogging between the sheets?)

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