Why Jogging Regularly Can Make You A Better Lover

Why Jogging Regularly Can Make You A Better Lover

Now while I’m not a fitness fanatic or someone who spends hours in the gym, I do consider jogging regularly a very important routine to keep my sex life in full swing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m just a regular guy. I am not saying that I run marathons and stuff. I just go for a quick run around my neighborhood every morning to sweat it out.

And I strongly believe that it’s one of the main reasons that’s helping me maintain my ability to satisfy my lover in bed and get and stay fully hard in bed.

Now I know you may be tempted to think the link between the two is coincidental, so I’m backing my claims with scientific proof. You’re definitely going to want to start jogging regularly as you follow along…

According to a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, jogging for at least fifteen minutes a day can help you more than just build muscles, keep your bones in good condition and shed off excess pounds.

The data they gathered showed that jogging can also significantly improve and maintain your heart’s overall health. Besides perking up your heart’s ability to pump blood all over your body, it can also boost your stamina levels when doing strenuous activities.

After gathering data from over 800 adult men across various cities like Atlanta and Portland, the scientists from the American College of Sports Medicine also found out that guys who spent time jogging regularly were happier and were less likely to become depressed than their less active counterparts.

A quick scan of their hearts also showed that men who didn’t jog as often were more susceptible to arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat patterns, which is one of the underlying causes of heart attacks.

The scientists also revealed that coupled with a healthy diet, jogging can also prevent blood vessels and arteries from developing blockages like plaque that can cause potentially fatal health risks like stroke and cardiovascular problems.

And just to make things a bit more interesting, the scientists also discovered that jogging may even drastically inhibit the development of illnesses usually prevalent among men who have sedentary lifestyles like type 2 diabetes, hypertension as well as coronary artery disease.

And if you’ve been following AdviceForHim.com closely, you may have already come across my articles on how blood flow plays a significant role when it comes to getting a stable erection. Good, reliable blood flow basically makes the difference between getting rock hard on demand…or staying miserably soft when things get hot in the bedroom.

And plus, once you get out there, jogging is actually fun. You can start slow and easy, and build up the intensity of your workout bit by bit as you go along. Make sure you give jogging a try soon and find out for yourself why I always have it on my schedule.

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