The Worst Way To Get A Woman To NOT Like You

The Worst Way To Get A Woman To NOT Like You

I was browsing the web last night and came across an article that claimed it held the secret to making a woman like you almost immediately…so naturally I felt compelled to check it out.

Now while I won’t reveal the name of the blog I stumbled upon or some other information that might give you a clue who wrote the article, I’d just like to say that it gave its readers the worst possible technique to make a woman like a guy.

What this blog recommended was showering a woman with gifts and attention right from the first time you meet her.

Now I know this goes against convention and what your mom probably told you…

I learned a long time ago that there are two common ways to make another person connect with you emotionally…

One is gradually building up a personal relationship. This involves starting out as plain acquaintances and making your bond stronger as time goes by. This is the most prevalent relationship-building skill of all and it’s present in almost any type of social setting.

Chances are you’ve already experienced it with your neighbors, classmates, office colleagues and your alumni assembly

Two is by sharing a common attribute or interest with a woman. This attribute could be something physical or more abstract. It could be the love for books, a certain type of sport, video games, technological gadgets or cooking.

You can usually see this in action among sports teams, clubs focused on a specific pastime as well as organizations having the same belief in a central idea or focus, like a church congregation.

Now let’s get back to the main subject. I’ve also discovered that the best way to ruin your chances of potentially making a person like you is by instilling doubt in them.

And the best way to appear shady to another person, let’s say a woman you’ve got your eyes on, is by showering them with unnecessary attention and gifts before you’ve even established a stable personal relationship with them.

Unless a person has really earned the attention, they’ll inevitably think there’s something weird about you for giving them so much of it.

This sends danger signals in their brain that you’re only doing it because you’re just after something from them. No matter how pure your intentions may be, they will just think that you’re trying to buy their affection.

So the next time you’re planning to make a woman like you, make it a point not to shower her with gifts and attention right from the beginning. Maker her earn your attention first.  This is how guys who women naturally find attractive act, because it demonstrates you have high social value and you have choice.  Start doing this and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on your success with women.

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