One Simple Way To Keep Your Girlfriend As Loyal To You As Possible

One Simple Way To Keep Your Girlfriend As Loyal To You As Possible

November 7, 2013  |  Relationship Advice, Success Principles

I was reading a magazine yesterday afternoon at my girlfriend’s apartment and came across a very interesting feature on how to keep a woman faithful in a romantic relationship.

Now while it covered the usual stuff like constant communication, empathy, sexual satisfaction as well as a few other things, I found one line in the article that really sparked my interest…

“Never underestimate the power of meaningful compliments when it comes to keeping your girlfriend as faithful to you as possible.”

Now I know this might sound cliché, but the real distinction here is the emphasis on the word meaningful.

Anyone can give someone an empty compliment without giving it any thought, however a well thought out compliment has an entirely different impact.

Here’s why…

At its simplest, a sincere compliment is a deep expression of admiration for another person, let’s say, your girlfriend. It could be recognizing a specific physical trait like saying how beautiful her eyes are, or perhaps something more abstract, such as telling her how thoughtful or caring she is.

According to the article, Japanese scientists conducted a study to find out how sincere compliments really affect women, especially if these were given by their romantic partners.

Now while you may already know that compliments can make your girlfriend smile or possibly even blush, there’s really much more to it than you think. Let’s take a closer look at what happens inside her body when a woman receives a sincere compliment from her boyfriend.

It all begins with a slight spike in the heart rate and blood pressure, signifying excitement and a heightened sense of concentration.

Next, a woman experiences a decrease in the amount of gastric acid produced in her stomach. Being one of the factors used to determine anxiety in the field of medicine, lower levels of gastric acid can signify that a person feels much more comfortable and relaxed.

Then there’s the surge of dopamine quantities in the brain. Dopamine in simplest terms is an organic chemical that makes us feel happy. The more of it is present, the happier we become. As an added bonus, it also makes us feel more confident especially in situations where we interact with other people and making decisions.

And what’s really fascinating about this is a woman naturally feels drawn closer to a person, let’s say you, when you can boost her dopamine levels. Your girlfriend feels that she can easily relate and share her feelings with you, making the emotional bond that connects the both of you in a relationship even stronger.

This leads to her becoming more faithful to you as a girlfriend.

So… How about you? Do you think you’re giving your girlfriend enough compliments that she deserves? If not, it’s still not too late to start. (Here’s why you shouldn’t copy pornstar moves to really make her enjoy sex, too.)

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