Why You Shouldn't Copy Pornstar Moves To Really Make Her Enjoy Sex

Why You Shouldn’t Copy Pornstar Moves To Really Make Her Enjoy Sex

I always worry about guys who think that male pornstars are living the dream and that they should copy everything they do.

And there are a number of reasons for this…

Firstly, besides having all the wrong expectations when they get in bed with their lovers, the moves that “work” in porn movies rarely work to arouse real women.

So guys end up stimulating the wrong erogenous zones… They tend to get really rough with foreplay… They never give the clitoris and other sensitive parts of a woman’s body the attention they really deserve… And they think that a 10-second peck on the lips will turn their lovers into a sex-starved freak.

They also end up lasting a lot shorter than they’d like to during lovemaking…all because they’re copying male pornstar moves.

See porn movies are just like their more mainstream counterparts. They’re produced to entertain audiences. Now while porn films are generally aimed at titillating their viewers more, it’s pretty much the same thing.

A lot of guys simply forget that adult films are scripted and the actors and actresses in them are just portraying scenes that a lot of male viewers fantasize about in their daily lives. And often, as guys, we forget that.

But in short, porn films are fake. Like illusions performed by magicians on stage, it’s all smoke and mirrors targeted to excite spectators. In this case, sexual fantasies exhibited in cinematic form.

The people working in the adult entertainment industry are basically handed a script, given the signal to start acting and finish up when the director tells everyone on the set that it’s a wrap.

Some men think that copying male pornstar moves is a smart idea because they seem to last forever when they’re getting busy with their partners in a scene. They unfortunately forget that these men also have routine “breaks” in between scenes so the director can get the best shots.

And like in other movies, these guys are also actors. No matter how realistic it looks on screen, they’re simply pretending. They’re just like you and me without the movie set, cameras, production assistants, makeup artists and the rest of the crew.

So the next time you feel like copying a move from a porn movie you watched during sex with your lover, think twice. Keep in mind to do the things you know will give her an unforgettable time between the sheets, instead of doing stuff that will only make your partner shout “cut” while you’re in the middle of lovemaking.

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