How To Know If She's Faking Her Arousal

How To Know If She’s Faking Her Arousal

I’ve always been asked if a woman can fake her sexual arousal. And  I’ve always had my opinions and theories about this, but when I ran into my friend, Dana, at the local bar the other night, I decided to get a woman’s perspective on this…

And as I suspected, she answered yes.

According to Dana, unlike guys who can easily show their sexual arousal by, let’s say, “rising to the occasion,” women have the uncanny ability to fake theirs. And there’s always a possibility that your lover could be faking it as well even if you think you’ve gotten her extremely hot for sex.

“Unlike what most guys think, getting her wet down there isn’t the way to judge when a woman is sexually aroused,” Dana revealed. “There is one other thing to look out for to see if she’s really getting warmed up for lovemaking.”

Just to keep you falling from the edge of your seat, I won’t drag this out…

Dana told me that the other indicator of female arousal is…blushing. That’s right, your lover is really sexually aroused if you see her go red in the face when you try to get frisky with her between the sheets.

Dana explained that blushing is the result of all the things that are happening in a woman’s body all at once when she’s experiencing sexual arousal.

“Besides increased heart rate, a woman’s blood pressure also sails when she feels sexier,” says Dana, “And it just keeps getting more and more intense.”

“If she is really sexually aroused, her body tends to exhibit signs that are quite similar to when she is in a stressful situation. One such sign is witnessing an even more reddish tinge to her skin tone.”

Dana added that random blots of red along her neck, chest and arms could also appear while all of this is happening. “This phenomenon is called a ‘sex flush,’ and can be easily mistaken for rashes because they linger for a while even after lovemaking.”

This was what really mattered Dana told me. “No matter how loud her moans are or how sensitive she becomes when you caress her body, she’s just faking it if she’s not blushing.”

Dana also shared a few surefire pointers on ways to get a woman hot for sex without even touching her erogenous zones, but we’ll save them for another time. (Here’s how you can sexually arouse her by touch though.)

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