How To REALLY Seduce A Woman

How To REALLY Seduce A Woman

Seduction is often seen by a lot of guys as something supernatural. They think that making a woman attracted to them requires exceptional good looks, a million pickup lines as well as a wallet that endlessly churns out money for flowers and gifts.

But what if I told you that seducing an attractive woman isn’t as complicated as you may think? Now while it’s not possible to take a woman from not knowing you to falling in love with you within just a few minutes, there are a few simple ways to slowly reel her in and make a woman fall head over heels for you.

So if you’re planning to seduce a woman you’ve had your eyes on for a while, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind…

Introduce yourself properly to her.

Women aren’t very keen on talking to strangers. No matter how prepared you are at seducing a woman, not properly introducing yourself to her first can ruin the whole thing for you in no time. Doing just that isn’t something too technical either. Simply saying hi and telling her your name will do just fine to break the ice. (Having good posture while at it also helps raising your attractiveness, too.)

Be humorous.

Creating an emotional connection with a woman is important if you’d like to seduce her successfully. And nothing beats using humor to achieve this. Women love to laugh and they’ll often go for a guy who has a good sense of humor. Just make sure you keep clear of off-color jokes to avoid possibly offending her unexpectedly.

Don’t be a phony.

Women are sticklers for honesty and it’s best to be as truthful as you can when trying to seduce one. A woman has the uncanny ability to know if you’re faking stuff just to get close to her. Besides not exaggerating about things like what you do for a living or your athletic capabilities, lying about the books you’ve read or the TV shows you like is a big no-no. Just imagine the awkwardness that will ensue if she asks you what your favorite scene was in a film you’ve never seen before.

Be expressive.

There’s something about a man who has a way with words that attracts women, even in a sexual level. Now while you don’t have to go all William Shakespeare on a woman whenever you’re communicating with her, being very expressive can go a long way when it comes to seduction. Instead of just describing things outright, channel your inner poet and do it in a creative way. You’ll be surprised how much she’ll be more eager to listen to you…and raise your chances of actually getting her in bed.

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