How You Can Sexually Arouse Her By Touch

How You Can Sexually Arouse Her By Touch

When it comes to warming up women for sex, a lot of guys think that immediately zeroing in on sensitive erogenous zones like the breasts and clitoris is the best course of action.

However, there is one erogenous zone that most men tend to miss out on when they want to get things hot in the bedroom.

This often overlooked erogenous zone that can set off sexual arousal in women is the skin. Although this may sound a bit odd follow along closely because it will all make sense very soon.

Let me explain what I mean…

Unlike what most men think, the skin is more than just the body’s natural barrier against germs, high temperatures and the elements. It is also filled with super sensitive nerve endings that allow us to perceive various sensations, from hot and cold all the way to even the slightest touch and movement.

The skin is actually so loaded with sensors that you can activate hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in every square inch of skin.

And because there are so many nerve endings, they’re very easy to stimulate – if done correctly.

Now while you may already know that giving your partner a relaxing massage and rubbing aromatic oils on her body is a great way to work with her skin and jumpstart her sexual arousal, there is one neat trick that never fails to warm up my lover in bed each and every time.

I call it the “semi-tickle.”

I basically run my fingertips softly on my lover’s forearm, making sure to touch the hairs deliberately but trying to avoid making too much contact with or putting too much pressure on the skin itself. I simply keep my fingertips sort of hovering here and there, while covering as much area as possible.

What makes this move even more powerful is that you can use it virtually anywhere on your partner’s body, from her back and neck all the way to her arms and legs. You can even accentuate the sensations that she’s getting by combining the semi-tickle with gentle nibbles and soft kisses. I guarantee you that it won’t take long before you’re getting it on between the sheets.

Now while this may sound extremely easy and even obvious, just keep in mind that sometimes the simplest things are the best when it comes to satisfying a woman in bed.

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