Why Cleaning Your Bedroom Is A Must To Convince Her To Have Sex With You

Why Cleaning Your Bedroom Is A Must To Convince Her To Have Sex With You

I’ve recently come across a women’s health journal that talked about how the female brain is wired to be very critical about cleanliness and organization.

According to a study conducted by clinical neurologists in Atlanta, Georgia, women don’t just keep things tidy and get rid of clutter simply because they want to. They’re keeping things spotless and orderly because it has a therapeutic effect on them.

Cleanliness and organization influence women so much that they significantly affect the way they think and can easily have an emotional impact on their activities. Besides making women feel happy and giving them a sense of control over their environment, knowing that they are keeping things in tiptop shape also makes them feel extremely relaxed and stress-free.

If you’ve been following Advice For Him for a while now, you’ll probably remember that I’ve always pointed out that relaxation plays a very important role when it comes to successfully turning a woman on between the sheets.

And what I found really interesting about this study is that women are more likely to clean and organize things instead of making love. In short, this means that your chances of getting your lover to have sex with you are significantly reduced if she thinks that your bedroom is a mess.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably don’t pay as close attention to how clean your bedroom is or how organized your things are like women do. You may not have the same sense of urgency when your sheets need to be replaced or if the floor already requires vacuuming.

However, not effectively dealing with your lover’s need for cleanliness and organization can take a toll on your sex life. No matter how skillful you may be at foreplay and other things that make women hot, you’ll only end up getting rejected the next time you get frisky with her.

Instead of getting her ready for lovemaking, your sexual advances will only lead her to feel stressed and uncomfortable if she sees that you’re not exerting any effort to spruce up your bedroom.

Start making it a point to keep your bedroom as tidy and in order as you can. Now while I am not saying that you should become compulsive with your cleaning and organizing, it really helps to keep your bedroom shipshape if you’re looking to always get your lover ready for sex when you get frisky.

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