How Good Posture Can Make You More Attractive To Women

How Good Posture Can Make You More Attractive To Women

One of the things that really frustrates me about advice magazines is that they always portray guys who look like movie stars as the ones that have better chances of attracting women.

Now while being stereotypically “handsome” is a bonus if you’re planning to attract women, when it comes to things like your jaw line and height, it’s something you’re either born with or you’re not.

However, there are a few things you can do to make yourself appear more attractive, and one of those things is posture.

Let me explain…

See women are really into men who exude confidence. And one of the best indicators of confidence is having a good posture. Women are psychologically drawn to guys who don’t slouch and have their backs straight because it doesn’t only give them the impression that they’re comfortable with their bodies, but also interacting with them won’t be awkward.

According to a study by clinical psychologists in Sydney, women get the same reaction when seeing a man who has a bad posture and a guy who has his arms folded across his chest during a conversation. They think that he is close-minded, not sociable, unhealthy and totally not confident, which as I have pointed out earlier, is a significant factor when attracting women.

And what’s worse is that having a bad posture doesn’t just take a toll on your chances of attracting a woman. It also eventually affects your health. Besides suffering from a bad back, creaky knees and hips, abnormally curved spine, sore neck, shoulder pain and a lot of other potentially severe wellness issues in the future, you’re going to lose a considerable amount of muscle flexibility as well if you maintain bad posture for an extended amount of time.

Now while there are a lot of products on the market these days that claim to help you improve your posture, there are natural ways to do it without spending anything. Let me give you three of my favorite tips to help you get started in no time…

Firstly, make stretching a part of your daily schedule.

Aside from helping keep your back muscles limber and flexible, stretching also prevents your spine and joints from stiffening. Doing simple stretches for at least two minutes every hour will do the trick.

Secondly, avoid sitting down for too long.

Sitting hunched in front of the computer or TV for hours on end won’t just put you at risk of diabetes and heart disease, but will also make it tough for you to keep your back straight. Make sure you stand up, stretch and walk every two hours.

Thirdly, strengthen your core muscles.

Exercising the muscles of your abdomen and pelvis regularly builds up core strength to make it easier for you to bear your weight and keep your back straight. Plus, it also makes sex even more fun by helping you improve your the intensity of your orgasms.

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