So You Can't Maintain A Conversation With A Woman...

So You Can’t Maintain A Conversation With A Woman…

A friend and I were having some drinks together last weekend and he told me something really interesting that helped him become a lot more successful at speaking to women. His name is Matt.

Matt told me that he came across an old psychology textbook few months ago while moving into his new apartment.  It was probably left there by the previous tenants. He did not know whose book it was or how it got there but he was really intrigued as to why some of the pages were folded down.

After checking out the dog-eared pages, Matt discovered that they were about the female psyche and how women are irresistibly attracted to confident men.

The book also discussed the difference between real confidence and faking confidence and how women could easily tell the difference and are only attracted to genuine confidence.

Matt continued describing what he’d discovered… “But I haven’t got to the best part yet, the book also revealed a few techniques to practice on that makes women start conversations with you, rather than you having to be the one to start them.”

Naturally I was on the edge of my seat as he was describing all this and Matt could tell.  “How about handing me another beer so I can start telling you what they are?” Without looking too desperate I raced to the fridge to grab him another cold one.  After that Matt revealed everything…

Here are the simple tips that Matt shared. I’ve just summarized all of them to get straight to the point…

Women are uncontrollably attracted to men who have relaxed voices, because relaxed voices communicate confidence. And unlike what most guys think, having an extra husky or baritone-deep voice doesn’t improve your chances at making a woman want to talk to you.

“It really doesn’t matter if the tone of your voice is high or low,” Matt emphasizes. “Women will want to interact with you as long as you don’t sound like a frog is stuck in your throat.”

Women also choose to communicate with guys who can easily express clear and coherent ideas. “As cliché as it sounds, being smart and honest is irresistibly attractive to women,” Matt explains. “If a woman thinks that you’re making pointless small talk just to get her attention, you can expect to have an extremely short conversation with her.”

He also told me not to never exaggerate to try and impress a woman. “Danger signals will go off in her brain the moment she thinks that you’re just taking her for a ride,” Matt says. “Although it’s alright to tell her about your personal achievements, never lie about your job, your car or even your athletic abilities.  Men with real authentic confidence don’t need to exaggerate what they’ve accomplished because they feel proud of themselves already and aren’t looking for validation from others; and women can tell the difference.”

I agree with everything Matt told me and I think it’s sound advice for any guy looking to attract more women or a higher quality of women.

Matt also shared even more great tips for attracting beautiful women, but I’ll save sharing those for another time.

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