Why You Always Ejaculate Prematurely

Why You Always Ejaculate Prematurely

OK, so this may sound a little strange, but follow along closely because it’ll all make sense very quickly…

“Over-thinking” is a major cause of premature ejaculation.

That’s right, thinking “too much” can actually cause you to not last as long in bed as you’d like to.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, “thinking too much” is a prevalent condition among over 70% of adult men in the United States. Although the most common results of over-thinking are brief bouts of anxiety and edginess, chronic over-thinkers experience a whole lot more horrible outcomes.

These include unpredictable blood pressure levels, panic attacks, short-term memory loss, depression as well as the inability to focus even when doing the most mundane activities. And when it comes to sex, losing focus can easily mean that you’re only going to last a very short time between the sheets.

A lot of guys experience premature ejaculation during lovemaking because their focus is always on the wrong things. Instead of concentrating on how they can give their partners an unforgettable time in bed, their minds wander off to things that reduce the quality of their performance.

Rather than working hard to take their lovers’ sexual satisfaction to a whole new level, they tend to over-think about things like if they’re big enough down there or if their partners are really turned on by their efforts. They become preoccupied by thoughts that don’t take them towards the outcome of satisfying their partner.

One of the major side effects of constantly thinking about your size “down there” or what she thinks of you is experiencing anxiety.

Besides getting your body all worked up by raising blood pressure levels and starting an adrenaline rush in your system, getting too anxious during sex also speeds up the release of certain hormones responsible for signalling the brain that you’re ready for an orgasm.

As a result, your brain receives an overload of hormones and you’ll find yourself orgasming faster than you’d like to during sex. So if you’re looking to last longer the next time things get hot in the bedroom, making sure you get rid of any anxiety you may have should be on top of your checklist.

Now, how do you rid yourself of unwanted anxiety?

Well, here are my two favorite pointers…

Firstly, make sure you slow your breathing down when you feel even the slightest bit of anxiety. Taking quick, shallow breaths will only make your heart rate go into overdrive and you’ll find yourself getting more and more anxious by the minute if you don’t keep your breathing down as much as you can.

Secondly, visualize yourself in a more relaxed mood when you begin to feel a bit panicky before or during sex. All it takes is either thinking of a happy thought or a pleasurable memory to divert your attention. Simply thinking about how you can give your lover maximum pleasure in bed is a great way to do it as well.

Anxiety during sex will only get you nowhere. Keep your focus on giving your partner orgasm after orgasm and you’ll find yourself lasting longer than you think.

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