Why You're Still Not Convincing Her To Try Anal Sex

Why You’re Still Not Convincing Her To Try Anal Sex

Convincing your lover to try anal sex can be pretty tough.

But while making her say yes can be rather challenging, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. So if you’re still not persuading your partner to get it on the backdoor, chances are that you just don’t know how to talk about anal sex.

Let me explain what I mean…

Although more and more women are becoming open to trying new things in bed these days, a lot of them still consider anal sex as taboo. There are some who find the act totally disgusting, while others think that being sexually penetrated anally is extremely painful.

However, there are a few simple ways to integrate anal sex in your lovemaking list without ruining the mood for your partner. Keep the following pointers in mind when discussing the subject with your lover and you’re sure to convince her to try it eventually…

Firstly, discuss anal sex out of the bedroom.

The last thing your lover wants to hear when things get hot in bed is you asking her to try something really unexpected…like anal sex. Chances are your lovemaking session will become instantly awkward after that. (Learn why she isn’t getting that wet anymore as well.)

Make it a point to talk to her about anal sex at a more casual time when she’s relaxed and in a more positive mood. The more comfortable your lover is, the more she is prone to listen to why you’d like to try doing anal and begin to be excited with the new sensations she will experience with trying it.

Secondly, emphasize that you will use lots of lube.

Pain is one of the major factors that hinder women from trying anal sex. It’s possible that your lover is eager to try anal sex but she is just hesitant to do so because she thinks that it’s going to be very painful for her.

Make sure you emphasize that you will use plenty of lubrication to prevent her from feeling any discomfort at all. You can even make her choose between water-based lubes and silicone-based ones, depending on her preference. Always keep in mind that trying anal sex for the first time with your lover without using any lube is probably going to be your last.

Thirdly, explain that anal sex is quite sanitary.

Gross is what a lot of women think about anal sex and it really is if you do it without keeping in mind a few precautions first. Now while getting it on the backdoor can be quite unusual, anal sex can be done in a hygienic way if you just remember a few key things.

One is using a condom when sexually penetrating your lover to avoid directly getting in contact with the nasty things inside her anus. Second is never jumping from the anus to her vagina or to her mouth. Third is not inserting your finger inside her anus while doing the act. Besides possibly hurting your lover, you can also expose yourself to bacteria and other things that can make you sick.

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