These Are The Reasons Why You're Having A Problem Getting An Erection

These Are The Reasons Why You’re Having A Problem Getting An Erection

Now while age is a factor when it comes to the intensity of your erections, knowing a few important pointers can help you easily maintain the hardness you’d like to have in bed without ever reaching for the blue pill.

As it turns out… there are actually natural ways to have a stable erection and it’s good thing too, since relying on artificial means to get rock hard often leads to more negative consequences than you think. Make sure you keep the following points in mind so you won’t have to deal with the dreaded “softie syndrome” when things get hot in the bedroom…

You smoke heavily.

Medical researchers discovered that there is a direct link between smoking and erectile dysfunction. Excessive nicotine use not only impairs the veins and arteries that channel blood to the penis during an erection, but also make the penile tissues less elastic and supple, literally shrinking them bit by bit. Smoking also drastically reduces your sexual stamina, so better quit as soon as you can.

You don’t load up on dark-colored fruits.

Anthocyanins are natural chemicals that are commonly found in fruits that have dark colors when fully ripe, such as elderberries, mangosteen and blackberries. Apart from boosting your body’s antioxidant levels, anthocyanins also ensure that your nitric oxide levels won’t be decreasing anytime soon. Nitric oxide plays a significant role in the erection process by speeding up the flow of blood to the penis when you get sexually excited.

You’re not fixing your snoring problem.

Recurring bouts of heavy snoring is the biggest symptom of sleep apnea, a medical condition where your body is forced to cut back oxygen supply on some organs when you’re sleeping since you aren’t getting the ideal amount. Besides slowing down the time for cells and tissues to repair themselves, ignoring sleep apnea will only make your erections weaker and weaker over time.

You don’t manage your blood sugar levels properly.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the negative effects of having diabetes. The disease not only numbs the nerve endings of your penis, but also reduces the stimuli that your body produces during sexual arousal. Always keep in mind that consuming too much sugary food and overindulging in alcohol can bolster your risk of having diabetes no matter how diligent you are at exercising daily.

You are not keeping an eye on the medicines you’re taking.

There are a lot of prescription drugs available these days that are erectile dysfunction culprits. The next time your physician prescribes a medicine, make sure you ask if it can affect your ability to defy gravity down below. Medical researchers confirm that some drugs that are used to lower cholesterol can also give you a tough time getting rock hard.

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