Why She Isn't Getting Wet Anymore

Why She Isn’t Getting Wet Anymore

If you’ve noticed recently that you lover isn’t getting as wet as she used to, chances are there’s a good reason for it.

Most guys who experience this problem are no longer doing one or two key things necessary to get a woman passionately interested in sex.  So, if you’d like to see a change in how your lover responds to sex then make sure you’re doing all of the following…

Firstly, make cleaning and organizing a priority.

How organized and clean your bedroom is can easily make the difference between a sexually aroused lover and a woman who is itching to tidy things up instead of getting ready for sex.

You can turn on a woman by stimulating her senses. Make her see what she wants to see. Make her smell what she wants to smell. Overload her with the things she wants to experience. And tidying up and getting rid of clutter should be the first thing on your list if you want her to really warm up for lovemaking.

Secondly, improve your hygiene.

Hygiene plays a very important role when it comes to getting her wet down there. Women are very particular with sexual stimuli and not looking or smelling good can really affect the way she gets ready for sex.

Make it a point to have regular showers and use deodorant. Always wear clean clothes and don’t get sloppy by putting them on again and again just because they still smell alright. Make sure you get a clean shave as well. Look and smell like a million bucks and you’re sure to take her sexual excitement levels off the charts.

Thirdly, quit smoking and drink moderately.

Excessive smoking and drinking aren’t just harmful to your body but will also lower your chances of successfully arousing your lover in bed . Besides staining your teeth and making you smell like a stale keg of beer, too much tobacco and alcohol use can also drastically lower your sexual stamina.

Now while some medical researchers have discovered that having a glass of your favorite drink each day actually does have its health benefits, quitting smoking as soon as you can is the smartest thing to do. Sure you may know all the best sexual positions in the book, but drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney will lower your chances of actually making her excited to jump in bed with you.

Fourthly, know how to stimulate her erogenous zones properly.

Stimulating her erogenous zones the right way is perhaps the most effective strategy to go for if you’re looking to get her wet down there. Giving her breasts, clitoris, back of the neck and similar sensitive areas the attention they need will surely get her worked up for lovemaking.

Although you may already have a general idea of what works when you have foreplay, don’t forget to ask your lover what she wants and how she wants it. Communication is important between the sheets and knowing how you can take her pleasure levels up a notch will definitely make her look forward to the next time you have sex.

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