Are You Making These Confidence-Sapping Mistakes?

Are You Making These Confidence-Sapping Mistakes?

Confidence plays a hugely important role when it comes to making women attracted to you.

Now while you may have heard that being a chick magnet takes learning as many pickup lines as you can and hoping one eventually hits its mark, focusing on developing your self-confidence is actually much more effective at triggering attraction in a woman.

And one of the best ways to do develop self-confidence is to eliminate the key mistakes that kill self-confidence.

So, here are the mistakes that you should always keep clear of…

Mistake #1 – Being too critical to yourself.

A lot of men fail at successfully channeling their inner confidence because they are full of negative thoughts about themselves. They think that they aren’t as good looking and smart as other guys, don’t have as much money in the bank or that their cars simply suck.

Now while it’s true that men aren’t created equal, this shouldn’t make you feel less confident about yourself. Always keep in mind that although other men may have attributes that you don’t have, you also have unique traits that they don’t have. It’s just up to you how you use these traits to your advantage.

Mistake #2 – Relying heavily on the judgment of others.

Many guys experience a significant decline in their confidence – or even lose all of it – simply because they depend on how others see them as a person. Instead of living their lives and acting the way they want, they rely on other people to dictate who they are.

The next time someone tells you that there is something wrong with the way you are living your life, simply shrug his or her comments away. You should be the only one who decides how to live your life and allowing others to do so will only sap your confidence fast. Chances are those people judging you are just jealous of you.

Mistake #3 – Not allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Let me be straight with you. Crap happens all the time. Whether you like it or not, you will find yourself in situations where you embarrass yourself. However, what really matters is how you handle these situations and use them to improve yourself as a man.

Always remember that you can’t control everything that happens in your life, no matter how smart, talented or rich you are. If you ever see yourself in a tight spot, make it a point to accept it wholeheartedly, acknowledge the lesson the experience gives you and move on as fast as you can. (Or else you may see yourself ejaculating prematurely during lovemaking.)

Mistake #4 – Not Taking risks.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you should get into potentially life-threatening situations just to boost your confidence. I am simply suggesting that you should move out of your comfort zone once in a while and experience new things. Sure just thinking about it can be scary but you’ll find yourself much more confident after you do it.

Building up your confidence isn’t about theorizing how to do and not to do things. It’s rather about jumping in on the action and learning as you go. Look at how taking risks made Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other influential men what they are today. If you’re looking to be more confident, it’s time you took your own risks.

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