4 Tips You Need To Know Before Giving Her A Massage

4 Tips You Need To Know Before Giving Her A Massage

Warming up a woman for lovemaking is all about exciting her senses.

And one of the best ways to pull it off is by knowing a few pre-massage tricks that will definitely take her pleasure to a whole new level. So if you’re planning to arouse your lover’s senses using your fingertips, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind first…

Firstly, prepping up the room carefully is a priority.

Now while this may sound surprising, how you prepare the place where you will give your lover a massage can make a huge the difference between a good massage and a bad massage. You should make sure that it will be extremely relaxing for her before you go ahead and give her a soothing rubdown.

Besides carefully cleaning up the place and getting rid of the clutter, it is also important that you keep it free from any possible interruptions like pets and other people. Just imagine the awkwardness that will ensue when someone walks in on you as do your massaging magic on your partner.

Secondly, a nice bath makes her muscles ready for action.

Tired muscles tend to relax when they are submerged in water even for a few minutes. Get your lover’s muscles ready for a massage by personally preparing her bath. Give her the whole nine yards instead of just the usual stuff by mixing in essential oils that give off amazing scents that will really get her going.

Sure it will be very tempting to get into the water with your lover, but doing so will only screw up the whole thing up. Keep in mind not to disturb her even if she dozes off or else her muscles won’t relax as much as you want and she won’t enjoy the massage like you’ve imagined.

Thirdly, give her royal comfort.

Your lover’s comfort can either make or break an amazing massage. Make it a point to have her lie down on a firm surface that supports all her body weight adequately. Keep your working area clear from pillows and blankets that can hinder you from moving freely when you get into action.

Key areas to pay close attention to are her thighs, arms and back since these are the zones that women find the most pleasure in when getting a massage. Make sure you position her carefully so you can reach into them easily. Now while it’s alright to experiment with various positions, just don’t take too long to decide which one is the best to avoid making her bored and impatient.

Fourthly, line up your playlist.

A massage is an activity where sensation and touch should be the main factors. Since it is likely that your lover will close her eyes during one, take her pleasure levels up a notch by playing soothing tunes that will encourage her to relax even more so you can work up her muscles to pure massage bliss. The best genres you can go for are smooth jazz, slow ballads and instrumentals.

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