4 Reasons Why You Experience Premature Ejaculation

4 Reasons Why You Experience Premature Ejaculation

Now while coming too soon during sex once in a while is quite normal for men, prematurely ejaculating just every time you make love is something you should look into closely. If you’ve tried to stop your premature ejaculation but you feel like nothing is working no matter how hard you try, here are a few common reasons why you’re experiencing premature ejaculation…

Firstly, it could be that you’re too anxious about your size down there.

The more anxious you are the more likely you are to experience premature ejaculation.  And a lot of guys tend to suffer from repeated bouts of premature ejaculation because they get anxious from thinking that their penises are not big enough to really satisfy a woman. However, the belief that penile size is directly linked to sexual pleasure among women is simply a myth. You can still be an orgasm-inducing machine between the sheets no matter what size you are down below.

Although it’s important that you always need to keep your ability to get a stable erection up to par, thinking too much about the size of your penis will only take away the sexual pleasure that you could give your lover. Just focus on how you’re going to give her an unforgettable time in bed when you two get frisky and you’ll be surprised how much less anxious you are and how much longer you can last as a result.

Secondly, it could be that you’re not taking care of stress properly.

Stress plays a significant role when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Knowing how to manage it properly makes you better able to concentrate on giving your partner a lovemaking session she won’t easily forget. However, allowing stress to accumulate is one of the major causes of premature ejaculation.

Make it a point to de-stress from time to time to get rid of the negative thoughts, energy and emotions that you may have. Whether you’re getting too choked up on work, having strained relationships with your loved ones or some other reason, take care of it as soon as you can so you won’t have the displeasure of always ejaculating before your lover is yet to even warm up in bed.

Thirdly, it could be that you’re not confident enough.

Although this may sound surprising, confidence is a key element when preventing premature ejaculation is concerned. Having the wrong mindset about sex or unrealistic expectations about how you can give your lover the sexual satisfaction she needs can make you come too quickly.

If you think that your lovemaking skills are lousy and you’re going to ejaculate prematurely, chances are you will. Besides helping you last longer during sex, building up your confidence levels will also make you more attractive to women. How’s that for win-win?

Fourthly, you take medicines and other artificial stuff that claim to help you last longer in bed.

The real secret to stave off premature ejaculation is already in you. You don’t have to get your hands on pills and medicines that claim to keep you clear from coming too quickly. Using these artificial products only exposes you to a number of potential side effects that can significantly affect your ability to get a stable erection and successfully having sex with your lover. Try these 6 natural foods that make you more virile instead.

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