Why You Always Fail At Speaking To An Attractive Woman

Why You Always Fail At Speaking To An Attractive Woman

According to a recent social research survey, a lot of guys find it extremely tough to speak to an attractive woman and keep the conversation going without becoming a nervous wreck. Now while breaking the ice with the ladies can be quite daunting, pulling it off isn’t as difficult as you might think.

See, there are actually a few simple ways to successfully engage a woman in conversation. And you don’t have to know a million cheesy pickup lines to pull it off either. So if you’re looking to really wow her the next time you start talking, here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid…

Mistake #1 – You don’t start things off with a simple greeting.

Starting simple is actually the best way to get a woman’s attention and encourage her to talk with you. You don’t have to kick things off with a witty remark or some cute comment about her appearance. Chances are an attractive woman has already heard them all. Although it may not sound like the most innovative way of starting a conversation with a woman you like, you’ll be very surprised how she will react to a straightforward hello.

Mistake #2 – You don’t ask her what she’s interested in.

It’s a smart idea to ask an attractive woman what really interests her most before moving on with the conversation. A lot of men tend to get so intimidated with speaking to an attractive woman that they simply blurt out anything that comes on top of their heads. Besides making a woman feel that you aren’t focused enough, you’ll also possibly lose all of your chances of having her actually respond to you. Once you know the things that she finds interesting, building up your conversation topics won’t be that tough.

Mistake #3 – You don’t go for open-ended questions.

Make sure you keep clear from asking questions that can be easily answered with a yes or no when talking to an attractive woman. There is a very big possibility that a promising conversation between you and her could fizzle out quicker than you’d like if you don’t ask open-ended questions. Make it a point to only ask questions that aim to draw out her feelings, opinions and ideas on a certain subject. For example, instead of just asking her if she likes wine, inquire about her favorite varieties and the dishes she usually pairs them with.

Mistake #4 – You exaggerate things.

Bragging is absolutely the worst thing you can do when speaking to an attractive woman. Sure the idea of showboating here and blowing up a few details there may sound like a cool strategy to get a woman’s attention, but you’ll only end up making her feel that you’re arrogant and desperate. Instead of trying to impress her, let her know that you’re all ears for her ideas and you’re sure to keep the conversation going on and on. (Now that we’ve got that covered, here are 4 ways to be more sexually confident.)

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