Why She Is Not Achieving Orgasm

Why She Is Not Achieving Orgasm

Rocking your lover’s world should be your absolute priority during sex. However, there is a big possibility that she won’t be achieving orgasm no matter how hard you try if you don’t keep an eye on a few key details when you get between the sheets.

Unlike what a lot of guys think, small things matter when it comes to giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted. Here are some of the elements you really have to keep an eye on or else she won’t be reaching the point of no return when you make love…

Her comfort.

How comfortable your lover is during sex can make or break your chances of making her achieve orgasm. Now while porn movies show that women can instantly be in the mood for lovemaking even in the unlikeliest of places, making sure first that your partner is as cozy as possible should be on top of your checklist before getting into action.

Although women may have different sexual preferences, making sure that the place where you’ll get your groove on has a spot where she can get comfortable and has enough room to move around is extremely important. The last thing she wants to have during sex are sore limbs or cramped muscles.

Her arousal.

The female sexual arousal process is entirely different from how men get warmed up for lovemaking. While guys can get ready to go at it with the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it properly or else they won’t achieve orgasm. Sure you may think that you’ve got the hottest lineup of sexual positions up your sleeve, but they would be all in vain if she’s not aroused enough during lovemaking.

Don’t skimp on foreplay. Stimulate all of her erogenous zones. Let her know that the pleasure and excitement is all hers. Take things slow and easy. Tease her until she can’t take any more. Besides seeing physical signs that your lover is really getting warmed up like flushed skin and constant moaning, she’ll be the one telling you that she’s ready for penetration so keep in mind to give it all you’ve got.

Her pleasure.

As I have pointed out earlier, women are extremely different from men when it comes to sex. Now while simply inserting your penis inside your lover’s vagina already elicits a pleasurable sensation for you, it would take more than that for her to start enjoying the show.

Multitasking is a smart strategy to stimulate a number of your partner’s erogenous zones during sex. While you sexually penetrate her, make sure you give her something extra like licking her breasts and stroking the back of her ears. Feel free to change up your moves from time to time to keep your lover on her toes. The sensation overload is sure to give her orgasm after electrifying orgasm if you just keep at it.

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