How To Make Sex Even More Awesome After Marriage

How To Make Sex Even More Awesome After Marriage

There is a myth passed around in our culture which states that sexual passion and satisfaction drastically wane during marriage. A lot of people believe that lovemaking between married couples inevitably becomes extremely dull and unfulfilling as the years go by.

Now while it is true that a husband and wife can experience a few changes when it comes to sex during marriage, it doesn’t mean that getting between the sheets after the wedding has to be totally disappointing. You’ve simply got some work to do to bring back the spice in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

A lot of couples immediately think that there’s something wrong with their marriage when they don’t feel as sexually excited and satisfied with their spouses anymore. They assume that the fires of passion in bed have died out and they’ll have to settle with tiresome lovemaking for the rest of their lives.

As it turns out this myth is completely false. There are multiple ways to keep sex exciting even after years and years of being together as husband and wife. So if you’re looking to surprise your partner the next time you get frisky, here are a few useful pointers to keep in mind…

Make sex a priority in your schedule.

Spend a moment remembering how often you and your wife made love when you were still dating. Chances are the both of you were probably going at it every time you had the chance. Now think about how many times you have sex with your spouse these days. Is there a notable change?

One of the biggest mistakes that most married couples make is not having sex on their schedules. They tend to think that since they’re already married, they can have sex anytime they want but end up getting distracted with other things.

If you want to bring back the sexual excitement and satisfaction you and your wife had when you were still dating, start things off by giving lovemaking the same importance as your work and career. Consider it as something that you and your spouse have to do at least a few times a week. (Here are a few mistakes that can cause erectile dysfunction as well.)

Change up your schedule.

Now while I mentioned that you should make lovemaking a mainstay in your regular schedule, I did not mean that you should only have sex at the same time of day or repeatedly go for the same positions. You should prioritize changing up your schedule and what you do in bed so the both of you won’t think of it as something routine.

It is also a smart idea to learn new sexual positions and techniques while you’re at it. If you’re anything like most men, you probably have the tendency to repeat what works best over and over, and this can eventually lessen the satisfaction your wife will get during lovemaking, so mix it up.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

It’s normal for you and your wife to want more out of sex in marriage. Don’t feel bad if she’s not moaning like she used to or doesn’t achieve orgasm as fast as before. This just means that your relationship is evolving. Don’t hesitate to integrate a few sexual “props” when things get hot in the bedroom to add a new dimension of excitement and pleasure in the mix.

Grab an erotic film and watch it with your wife. Buy a sex toy for her. Share the sexual fantasies you’ve been dying to try and ask her what hers are as well. Don’t be afraid to show her how kinky you can be…and you’ll be surprised how wild your wife can be in bed, too.

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