Are You Making These Mistakes That Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Are You Making These Mistakes That Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Now while few guys speak of it, experiencing erectile dysfunction from time to time is actually quite normal for men. However, having difficulty achieving a stable erection on a regular basis is a whole other story.

And unlike what most guys think, reaching for a pill isn’t the best solution to fix erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, the most effective way of bringing back your ability to get rock hard on demand is actually knowing and fixing the mistakes that you’re probably making that’s causing the problem.

Make sure you keep the following erectile dysfunction causing mistakes in mind to avoid staying soft when things get really hot in the bedroom…

Mistake #1 – You don’t visit your dentist regularly.

Although the connection may sound strange, not paying close attention to your oral hygiene can eventually impair the flow of blood from the heart to the other parts of your body, which can eventually affect your ability to achieve a stable erection.

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least two times daily, as well as dropping by your dentist’s clinic on a regular basis can help ensure that your oral hygiene will remain up to par, along with your erections.

Mistake #2 – You don’t manage stress properly.

Although stress is a normal part of a man’s life, not knowing how to manage it properly can cause many different psychological issues including severe anxiety and depression. Mental clarity is important to achieving a stable erection and stress screws it up by bombarding your mind with negative thoughts.

The first step to effective stress management is knowing what exactly your stressors are. Identifying them not only gives you an idea why they’re stressing you out but also helps you find ways how to manage them the right way.

Taking a short vacation or discovering a new hobby does the trick for most men going through extreme levels of stress.

Mistake #3 –You take too many sleeping pills and relaxants.

While sleeping pills can be a great short-term solution to sleeping problems, becoming too dependent on them can negatively affect your ability to get an erection when you need one. The same goes for most anti-depressants and relaxants as well.

I’m not saying that taking prescription and non-prescription drugs will instantly cause erectile dysfunction, however, prolonged use could make getting hard pretty tough.

So make sure you ask your doctor about the possible side effects are before popping a pill or two.

Mistake #4 – You don’t give your groin adequate protection.

Repeated impacts to the penis, scrotum and their surrounding areas can easily cause erectile dysfunction over time. Make sure you wear the proper protective gear when engaging in contact sports like basketball, football, martial arts and similar activities where you could take a hit to the groin area unexpectedly.

Now while biking can help you keep your heart healthy and therefore help the blood flow to the penis, riding your bike too much can cause cramps that can limit the elasticity of the penile muscles. Besides remembering to wear the right gear, keep in mind to also stop biking immediately if you feel that your testicles are getting numb.

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