How To Have Stronger Erections

How To Have Stronger Erections

Having a stable erection is essential to giving your lover an unforgettable time in bed.

Luckily, getting rock hard and keeping it that way during lovemaking isn’t as complicated as a lot of guys think. Here are a few great pointers that won’t just help you easily achieve a stable erection when you need one but will also make your lover look forward to the next time you have sex…

Have a healthy diet.

What you have regularly on your plate can either give your erection a boost during lovemaking or prevent you from breaking free from the limp zone. Loading up on the healthy stuff not only gives you the nutrients to get hard on demand but also provides you with the necessary energy to pleasure your lover in bed.

Kick the habit.

Smoking is a proven cause of erectile dysfunction. Besides clogging the veins and arteries that send blood to the penis when you get sexually aroused, smoking like a chimney daily also hinders the penile tissues to stretch properly, gradually making you shrink down there over time. Top it off with bad breath and horrible teeth stains and chances are your lover won’t be that into sex with you in the long run either.

Identify your stressors.

Although stress is a normal part of a man’s life, experiencing extreme levels can easily mess up your ability to achieve an erection and keep it long enough to make sex pleasurable for your partner. Make it a point to identify the things that stress you the most and find ways on how to minimize the effect of these stressors to your life.

Sweat it out.

Regular exercise optimizes your body’s blood flow, which plays a significant role when you want to get rock hard in bed. Make it a habit to sweat it out at least half an hour daily. Aside from keeping your ability to get and stay hard up to par, exercise also tones your muscles and makes you look better physically, which is a great way to score a lot points in the charm department.

Always protect your groin.

Bumping your groin into hard objects too often can lead to damage in the corposa cavernosa, a series of tissues near the pelvis that receive blood in the penis to get an erection. Make sure you wear protective gear when engaging in sports that involve physical contact. Always keep in mind to avoid tight pants that could constrict your penile tissues from moving freely as well.

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