Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Now while this may sound unsettling, men aren’t the other ones that can act unfaithfully.  Although this isn’t something a lot people like to talk about, women are also capable of having illicit relationships.

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably become suspicious with your girlfriend’s faithfulness once or twice. However, accusing her of cheating just because you think so can be very risky. Here are a few signs to watch out for that could help you easily determine if your sweetheart is seeing someone else, before you begin taking action, which if based on a wrong assumption, could ruin your relationship…

Firstly, she becomes extremely secretive.

Although it’s quite normal for couples to keep things to themselves from time to time, your girlfriend could be already cheating on you if she becomes more secretive than usual. If she becomes extra cautious with her conversations on the phone, as well as her emails and text messages. If she guards her mobile phone and computer like she’s hiding something, she probably is.

Secondly, her friends act strange.

Her friends probably know something you don’t if they suddenly act weird around you. You might notice significant behavioral changes with them when you meet or see one another. Besides becoming abruptly detached from you, there is also the chance of them getting too chummy with you for no reason at all.

Thirdly, she picks a fight with you every time she has the chance.

Your girlfriend could possibly be having another man on the side if she’s constantly arguing and picking a fight with you for mundane reasons. Whether you’re a few minutes late on your dinner date or she didn’t catch her favorite sitcom because you watched a game on TV, infidelity could be the reason why she’s always trying to rile you up.

Fourthly, she suddenly becomes too conscious with her appearance.

It could be a sign that your girlfriend is already being unfaithful to you if you find her becoming too mindful of her appearance to others. She suddenly gets too conscious with her clothes and makeup when she’s meeting someone else, but doesn’t show the same level of eagerness to look good when she’s with you.

Fifthly, she is not that into sex anymore.

If you’re anything like most couples, you and your girlfriend have a lovemaking routine. It could be anywhere from on a particular night every week or month to almost nightly, depending on the mood. However, if you notice that she always has excuses not to have sex with you when you try to get her hot between the sheets, it’s something that you should be very suspicious about. Hearing her say “I’ve got a headache” or “I’m tired” too often could mean she’s getting sex from someone else. (Perhaps you’re making these mistakes that make oral sex horrible, too.)

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