Do You Make These 4 Oral Sex Mistakes?

Do You Make These 4 Oral Sex Mistakes?

One of the best ways to rock your lover’s world the next time you get between the sheets is by giving her unforgettable oral sex. However, the thing is most guys think that oral sex is simply about licking and sucking like there’s no tomorrow.

Now while you may think that your oral sex skills are already up to par, learning a few useful pointers wouldn’t hurt. Here are the mistakes that you should always avoid when giving your lover oral sex to become a certified orgasm-inducing machine…

Mistake #1 – Not starting with her comfort.

No matter how hard you try, you will never give your lover the satisfaction she’s always wanted from oral sex if you don’t prioritize her comfort on your checklist. Keep in mind that she can’t really enjoy oral sex if she’s not relaxed and cozy enough. Overlooking your partner’s comfort will only get her impatient and self-conscious, making it extremely tough for her to achieve orgasm.

Mistake #2 – Not warming her up properly.

Women are not physically wired to get sexually aroused as fast as guys do. Although you may get fired up for sex at the drop of a hat, your lover needs to be eased into it. Don’t just yank down her underwear and get right to business the next time you give her oral sex. Make it a point to stimulate her other erogenous zones first before focusing your attention to her vagina and clitoris.

Mistake #3 – Rushing things.

Just like to entering your lover before she is totally wet and ready, stimulating her down there furiously as soon as you get the chance can lead to rather sore results. It’s a must that you take things slow and easy or else you’ll only end up making her feel uncomfortable instead of giving her mind-blowing orgasms. You can easily pick up the pace the moment she gets into the zone.

Mistake #4 – Diving into the clitoris immediately.

The clitoris is definitely the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy. It is packed with millions of nerve endings that could give her amazing sexual pleasure if stimulated the right way. The biggest mistake that you can ever make when giving your lover oral sex is diving straight into the clitoris the moment you get your chance.

Never stimulate your partner’s clitoris head too soon.  Lick and caress its base and sides first to really get her going. You’ll know your lover is ready to get her clitoris pleasured when her breathing gets deeper and faster…and she’s constantly trying to bury your face into her crotch.

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