Why Your Lover Isn't Orgasming Anymore

Why Your Lover Isn’t Orgasming Anymore

Making your lover orgasm is essential to keeping her happy and having her coming back for more. Now while you may think that you already know how to take her sexual satisfaction off the charts, there may come a time when she stops orgasming as much as she used to.

Luckily there’s no need to worry just yet if you notice that your lover isn’t experiencing as much pleasure during sex any more. Here are the possible explanations as to what’s going on and exactly what to do about it…

Possible reason #1: Sex with you has become routine.

Predictability is your biggest enemy when it comes to getting your lover off like a rocket in bed. No matter how skillful you are at lovemaking, she won’t be that sexually excited anymore if she knows what’s going to happen even with her eyes closed.

Your course of action:

Regularly change things up in the bedroom. Keep in mind to try new sexual positions from time to time. Expand your sexual playbook as often as you can. You can also ask your lover to take the lead. She may have a few tricks saved up that will sizzle up your lovemaking sessions.

Possible reason #2: You don’t pay close attention to your hygiene anymore.

Making sure that you always look and smell good is a priority if you’re planning to make your partner orgasm again during sex. Women greatly rely on visual and nasal cues to get really warmed up for a mind-blowing orgasm. Chances are she won’t be able to reach her sexual peak if you don’t smell and look the part.

Your course of action:

Make it a point to improve your hygiene as soon as you can. Keep in mind to take regular showers and use deodorant to keep clear from bad odors that can kill her mood for sex. Get rid of any stubble if it annoys her. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Having a spritz of your favorite musky or fruity cologne adds a nice touch as well.

Possible reason #3: You allow stressors to get the best of you.

Although it’s normal for guys to experience bouts of stress and anxiety from time to time, allowing these negative emotions to accumulate can greatly affect your performance in the bedroom. Besides making it extremely tough for you to get a stable erection, getting too stressed and too anxious can also mean you won’t be able to give your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

Your course of action:

Think of creative ways to blow off steam. You could start a new hobby where you can let out your aggression like biking or martial arts. Learn a new technical skill like cooking or assembling model planes. Keep in mind to regularly eliminate stressors in your system to keep them from getting the best of you especially in the bedroom.

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