Why Exercise And Sexual Stamina Go Together

Why Exercise And Sexual Stamina Go Together

Lasting the distance during lovemaking and giving your partner the satisfaction that she really needs takes having enough sexual stamina. Now while you may think that how long you last in bed is something you’re either born with or not, you may be surprised to discover just how much your fitness impacts your stamina levels.

Let me explain what I mean…

Exercise is essential when it comes to improving your sexual stamina. Besides boosting your performance during sex, making it a habit to sweat it out regularly also does a lot of great things to your body.

If you’re still not totally convinced about making workouts a mainstay in your schedule then allow me to walk you through why exercise and sexual stamina go hand in hand.

Firstly, regular exercise flexes your groin muscles.

If you’ve ever felt that your legs and inner thighs were heavy and sore after some vigorous sex with your lover, it’s possible that you haven’t been working out your groin muscles like you should. Besides giving you more control on the speed and frequency when penetrating your partner, having well-toned groin muscles can easily make the most outrageous sexual position child’s play.

Low-impact exercises like walking and jogging develops your groin muscles to get you all primed up even for extreme lovemaking. Regularly stretching your lower limbs and doing jumping jacks also give you the same effect. So begin doing more of this.

Secondly, working out frequently makes you think clearer.

The mind can be your greatest ally during sex. It could also be your biggest enemy. Regular exercise doesn’t just help you get more focused between the sheets, it also releases natural chemicals called endorphins within the body that makes you happier and more confident.

Endorphins also prevent you from having sexual anxiety, which can easily ruin your sexual experience. Studies show that just having 15 minutes of exercise can boost an adult male brain’s endorphin levels by as much as 30 percent. Just imagine what daily workouts can do for you and your lover.

Thirdly, regular exercise improves blood flow.

Achieving a stable erection primarily involves having the right amount of blood to your penis. Exercising regularly stimulates veins and arteries in your body, making them readily channel blood flow to your sex organ as soon as things get hot in the bedroom.

Apart from always getting rock hard on demand, you won’t also feel easily tired even during an intense sex session when blood flow in your system is being challenged.

Fourthly, sweating it out frequently makes you live longer.

This one is rather straightforward. Regular exercise significantly extends your lifespan as a man. The longer you’ll live, the more chances you have of knocking your lover’s socks off when you get frisky in bed. Start exercising now and you’ll see the positive changes sooner than you think.

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