Demystifying The G-Spot

Demystifying The G-Spot

The G-Spot is a very special place inside a woman’s vagina, which if stimulated the right way, can give a woman exceptionally intense orgasms. Every woman has it and you just have to locate this Holy Grail of female sexual stimulation to get down to business.

The only problem is that most men don’t even have the slightest clue what the G-spot is or how to find it. So if you need a few pointers on how to really use the G-spot to your advantage the next time you get between the sheets with your lover, keep these things in mind…

Yes, there really is a G-spot.

A lot of guys miss out on maximizing the G-spot’s ability to give women intense orgasms because they think that it simply doesn’t exist. Anatomically-speaking, the G-spot is the female equivalent of the prostate. It is a mass of spongy tissue filled with glands and ducts that swells up with blood when a woman is sexually excited.

If the G-spot really exists, then where is it?

The G-spot is most noticeable when your lover is all primed up for lovemaking. Borrowing a few traits from the penis and clitoris, the glands and ducts around the G-spot fill up with fluid and firms it up when a woman is sexually aroused.

Now while the actual location of the G-spot may slightly vary from woman to woman, it is commonly found about a couple of inches along the frontal wall of the vagina. The easiest way to access it is by making your lover lie on her back with her knees up to allow for maximum penetration. (Here are some oral sex tips that will knock her socks off to help you get started.)

Just a simple reminder to keep things straight.

Now while I used the term “easiest,” this doesn’t mean that you’ll find the G-spot instantly. It takes a lot of work and effort to locate this spongy button of sexual delight. So make sure you keep your lover sexually fired up while you’re trying to find it to get the best results.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s continue…

Insert a finger inside your partner’s vagina (make sure she’s already wet and ready to do this as smoothly as you can) and feel around for a ridged area along where the pubic bone sits. As I have pointed out earlier, the G-spot’s location can vary from to woman and you should be very patient when zeroing in on it for the first time.

It generally feels like the roof of the mouth and is approximately the size of a coin. When you feel it, curve your finger into a “come here” gesture and stimulate it gently. If you feel your lover’s vagina contract, then congratulations! You’ve found the G-spot.

Keep in mind that a woman can possibly feel the urge to pee when her G-spot is stimulated for the first time, so don’t worry if she asks for a short bathroom break when you find it.

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