Do You Have These 4 Habits That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

Do You Have These 4 Habits That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

Now while most guys think that the best solution to fixing erectile dysfunction is to reach for a pill, sometimes solving the problem is as easy as keeping a close eye on their regular habits.

Although this may sound surprising, some of the totally non-sexual habits you have may be affecting your ability to achieve a stable erection. So if you’re looking to always get rock hard each time you and your lover get frisky, here are the habits that can potentially hurt your sex life…

You ride your bike too much.

Biking is considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises ever. Besides keeping your heart in tiptop shape, taking your bike for a spin at least half an hour daily is also guaranteed to improve blood flow in your system, which also boosts your ability to get an erection when things get hot in the bedroom.

However, riding your bike for too long can eventually make it tough for you to get hard. Biking for more than three hours a day can pinch and numb nerves around the penile base, ultimately decreasing the flow of blood to your penis when you get sexually aroused. It’s also important to visit your dealer to have your bike refitted if you experience tingling in your scrotum when you take it for a ride.

You eat a lot of processed foods.

If you’re anything like most men, you’re probably a fan of bacon, corned beef, ham and other processed foods that you can easily buy in supermarkets these days. Now while enjoying these now and again isn’t a big deal, eating too much of them can drastically affect your ability to get a stable erection.

Most processed foods are tainted with low levels of bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that can disrupt the production and release of testosterone in your body if you come in contact with them regularly. These traces of BPA are often found in cans and plastic boxes that are used as packaging materials for these processed foods.

You don’t floss.

Flossing should be on your daily checklist if you want to achieve an erection when you need one. Bacteria that accumulate along the lining of your gums can easily enter your bloodstream and form clots. Apart from making it difficult for you to get rock hard, you’re also putting yourself at risk of having a stroke or a heart attack in the long run.

Make it a point to also regularly visit your dentist for check-ups. Have your teeth cleaned by a professional at least every six months. Never ignore dental problems like cavities and lesions around the gums. As painful at it may seem at the time, it’s better to endure a root canal or tooth extraction rather than suddenly suffer from heart disease.

You are ignoring your sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a common disorder among men that makes breathing intermittent during sleep. Its biggest symptom is uncontrollable snoring. And if you think that snoring doesn’t have anything to do with erectile dysfunction, think again. Having sleep apnea means that the oxygen levels in your body are lower than they should be, which affects your ability to get an erection. Make sure you ask your doctor how to get rid of sleep apnea before it’s too late. (Extreme stress can ruin your sex life as well.)

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