Oral Sex Tips That Will Knock Her Socks Off

Oral Sex Tips That Will Knock Her Socks Off

A lot of guys have a misconception about giving women unforgettable oral sex. Driving your lover crazy down below is not about diving straight in and licking furiously. Ironically, rather than giving her the satisfaction she wants, you’ll only succeed at making her frustrated and bored.

Now while you may think that you’ve already got the ins and outs of oral sex sorted, chances are there is still room for improvement. Don’t just settle for average or just plain good oral sex the next time you go down on your lover. Here are a few simple tips that will help you make the experience unforgettable each and every time…

Firstly, have the right attitude.

The main difference between good oral sex and a bad one is how you see it as a whole. Your performance down below greatly depends on your mental image of giving your lover oral sex. You’ll easily pull it off if you’re going to do it willingly and without inhibition. Screwing it up is as easy as thinking of oral sex as something tedious or disgusting.

Showing as much enthusiasm as you can is important if you’re looking to warm her up properly for sexual penetration. Tell your lover that giving her oral sex is one of your most favorite things. Let her know that you’re dying to stimulate her orally. Make her feel that you’re giving her oral sex because you enjoy every second of it.

Secondly, get your lover in the zone.

A lot of women are very self-conscious about how their feminine parts look and smell. Making oral sex enjoyable for your lover involves letting her know that you find her extremely sexy and beautiful down below. Give her positive affirmations about her body. Let your partner know that you love the way her vagina and clitoris look and taste.

Now, what I can appreciate is that some women, possibly including your lover, can look and smell “less than perfect” down there. Therefore, if you want to make her enjoy the whole oral sex experience you’re going to give her, it’s a good idea to at least fake it until you begin to appreciate it. You’ll have your fun sooner than you think once you get used to it. See to it that she’s in a very comfortable position while doing this as well to prepare her for maximum pleasure.

Thirdly, start things easy and slow.

Unlike what most guys think, zeroing in on the clitoris immediately is perhaps the biggest mistake that you’ll make when giving a woman oral sex. Besides not giving her the satisfaction that she wants, there’s also a very big possibility that your lover will end up sore and uncomfortable down there.

Oral sex is supposed to be integrated with foreplay. Start things off by kissing her erogenous zones like the lips, breasts, neck and inner thighs. Caress your partner all over. Build up her sexual excitement. Soon your lover will be the one squirming for you to go further.

Fourthly, never stop.

Some men make the mistake of stopping as soon as their partners ask them to out of politeness. Same thing happens when their arms feel numb or when they feel a crick on their necks when giving oral sex. Assuming  that your lover isn’t in pain and doesn’t genuinely want you to stop, keep on doing what you’re doing until she achieves orgasm.

Never think that it’s going to take too long or else she will feel it in your movements as you go down on her. Give it to her as enthusiastically and happily as you can and she’ll be putty in your hands. Chances are she’d be willing to return the favor when she’s reached the point of no return.

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